Why? Maine Mendoza Want 3 Kids From Alden Richards.

A forecast about the eventual fate of Alden and Maine having 3 children was told by Maria - Victoria "Marivic" Cely one of the picked champs of the Sugod Bahay of Eat Bulaga. CRB Tech came across such a news circulating on the social media.


In an Interview by Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola to Marivic, she said that following the time when she was a child, she has been seeing spirits that advanced toward being a crystal gazer. Everything began only for the sake of entertainment when Maine request Marivic to peruse her fortune.

“Sa health po, okay naman. Ayos naman… Gaganda pa po ang career.” (Her Health was okay and her career will bloom) and then Vic Sotto asked for Marivic to read Maine's lovelife : “Okay naman po. Nakita ko po dito na matagal na po kayong nagkita… Sa tagal po ng panahon, nagkita ulit… Magiging kayo po… Kayo po magkakatuluyan,” (It's okay. I can see that you have met a long time ago and saw each other again after. you'll be together ). Sumali Alden also asked questions to Marivic “If ever po, Ilan ‘yung magiging anak?”(how many children will we have) “Tatlo po!” (3) answered Marivic.

“Tatlo ‘yung gusto ko. Okay na ‘yung tatlo!”( I want 3. im okay with 3!) Maine added.

If magkakatuluyan in real life Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, has prepared them for the names would be their first child, Charmaine.

In the episode of Eat Bulaga! Monday, December 14, Alden and Maine were the lucky rush Dabarkads won 'Juan For All, All For Juan "segment.

It happened that a year-old son the winning viewer, so went to have a conversation about love team having a baby.

Then they give the prize winning Apprentice, has taken it to the baby and child ipinahawak what Alden and Maine. At this point the two pretended to be the child's parents. While carrying by the Maine and Alden asked them baby Joey de Leon what to name their baby in their future.

'I Charmaine,' said quickly Maine. He added, 'Richard kung-Nicomaine Charmaine.'

Richard's real name and Nicomaine Alden's is Maine.

Moreover, rather than holding the baby they squeezed squeeze of Maine, saying "This cute, cute baby," the cheek of his pinanggigilan Alden.

Later, while carrying the baby holding feeding bottle, Maine is explained that what he meant on breastfeeding that he mentioned earlier.

Such a wonderful thing. Imagine the star couple having three kids!

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