A Special Appearance For Alden Richards On 'Encantadia'


CRB Tech reviews would like to inform you that Aldub star Alden Richards is going to make a special appearance this time. A special treat for his fans. Get to know the details by reading further.

After the declaration that Miguel Tanfelix would come back to be a Mulawin on Encantadia, Alden Richards is likewise set to wear a couple of wings on the appear.

In a report from 24 Oras, Wednesday, August 17, Alden is set to play a Mulawin – a half human, half winged creature animal – named Lakan. Lakan has sworn his devotion to the pixies and has guaranteed to battle for them. Alden has as of now been fitted for his ensemble, and he's planning for the part by getting into shape. Diet in light of the fact that the costume is not...when they fit you, you must be extremely thin. You must be fit as well, good thing I have a touch of foundation with working out and in a portion of the action scenes. This is what he expressed speaking about the role. He also added that he was very happy as he grew up watching the series.

A week ago, the staff and stars of Encantadia gave a sneak look of a Mulawin sitting above Lireo. On the Wednesday, August 17 telecast episode, Pagaspas (Miguel Tanfelix) – a character from the first Mulawin (2004) series – preceded Reyna Amihan (Kylie Padilla), after she approached the Mulawins for help by utilizing a woodwind given to the Diwatas (fairies).

Meanwhile, youthful actor Miguel Tanfelix is repeating the part of Pagaspas, the Mulawin character he played 12 years back in the first series. In an interview on 24 Oras, Miguel said every one of the recollections returned to him when he did the part as a 5-year-old child.

As indicated by Miguel, he got goosebumps when he saw the teaser. He additionally advised viewers to keep an eye out what Pagaspas' central goal will be in Encantadia.In a past Instagram post, Miguel gave a clue when he posted a photograph of the wings he would wear on the appear.

Fans will recall the hit show Mulawin, which featured Richard Gutierrez as Aguiluz and Angel Locsin as Alwina in 2004. Miguel, who was Pagaspas in the show had an accomplice named Lawiswis played by Sam Bumatay.

In the 2005 Encantadia series, the Mulawins showed up, e.g. when Imaw shared to a gathering of kids how the Mulawins have helped the Diwatas, how Bagwis and Dakila helped Danaya, and Avilan, the pioneer of the Mulawins serving as a soul manual for Amihan. They additionally showed up amid the last fight after Lira looked for help in crushing the Hathors.

CRB Tech reviews hopes that people would like to see their favorite star in this role.

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