Most Funny Video:Jalal's Latest Bomb Prank Video Viral On Internet!!


Most Funny video: Jalal's Latest Bomb Prank Video that Landed Them In Jail!!!

Funny Prank videos are always good to watch. One can have a really good laugh post watching them. This time we bring to you the bomb prank from Jalal. Take a look and have a good time.

The video begins with two guys sitting on a table outside a food joint. Suddenly this man aka Jalal in a white robe arrives hurriedly in the frame and goes inside the outlet. He throws a bag inside and rushes out. No wonder the two men sitting outside and those inside the eatery start running thinking it is a bomb. A bomb scare! He is successful.

Now, its the turn of a cyclist. At a road intersection, the prankster arrives on his bicycle. Once again a white robe and a bag in hand. From the other end, another man arrives. As expected, the prankster throws his bag and runs. The other man is so scared that he leaves his bicycle and runs as fast as he can.

Third instance is very hilarious. This man comes walking on the pavement. Jalal is hiding on a tree as he jumps down and throws his bag on the approaching man. The same result...ha..ha...ha.In one scene which is worth seeing, a man is sitting besides a pool as our prankster arrives. Throws the bag on him. His heart comes in his mouth and he runs and dives straight into the pond. Too good!!!

A few more instances are compiled in this video like in a house, on a basketball court, on an escalator in a mall and so on. The pranks come one after the other. A sound comes from behind saying “Run Run” as the video continues to play.

Meanwhile, Web pranksters the Jalal Brothers were captured by counter terrorism police a few months ago;subsequent to initiating outrage with a suicide bomber deception video and 'drive by shooting' stunt focusing on a young lady.Daily Mail Australia comprehends that counter terrorism order investigators raided the home in South Morang, Melbourne, where the trio live with their folks, at 6.30am on Thursday.

The siblings, who spruce up in customary Arab robes and attempt to alarm clueless onlookers in many trick recordings, surrendered themselves to police two hours after the fact and they were captured.

For now, enjoy the video shared by CRB Tech reviews before it gets banned!

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