Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Akshay Kumar- If team Bollywood was sent to Rio Olympics !

CRB Tech reviews has come up with this very interesting piece of news that blends Olympics and Bollywood together. What more to ask for to make it viral ?

Rio Olympics are good to go to start and with our Indian contingent as of now being available there, we ponder what it would resemble if our B town celebs were requested that pick a game and speak to the nation there.

Rio Olympics is about to begin and Indian team sent to Olympics, all adapted to win us the awards, we are quite amped up for it. Here we ponder what might it be want to send a group from Bollywood for Rio Olympics.

Here are seven celebs who we think will be able for the concerned game and will win the gold for us:

Salman Khan:
This is an easy decision, Salman "Sultan" Khan is well-suited for "Wrestling." No multiple opinions on that.

Deepika Padukone:
The leggy young lady of Bollywood and upcoming of Hollywood, Deepika is one such actress who's going high and high in her profession, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. We are certain she'll be our most logical option at "High Jump" and will get our nation a medal.

Saif Ali Khan:
Nawab of Bollywood may not look that intense on the standpoint, but rather we think he'll get us gold at Olympics in the game of "Boxing". Try not to trust us? Keep in mind the Hotel occurrence with that NRI… float that damages…

Priyanka Chopra:
In the game of "Bows and arrows", one ought to be right on the target. That is the thing that one of our best Hollywood export is been doing. Priyanka Chopra is one such star, who has her eyes focused on target and is been hitting the bull's eye, as far back as she appeared.

Akshay Kumar:
Akshay Kumar is one 'lambi race ka ghoda'. With his athletic qualities, he is certain to give numerous a run for their money. He is the fittest we have and will most likely get us gold in 100m race come what may.

Vivek Oberoi:
He was a standout amongst the most looked for after actor, when he appeared with Company in 2002 and rehashed the accomplishment with Saathiya and Masti. In any case, how his career nose dived. He knows a thing or two about diving, so he'll be most appropriate to acquire us gold in the game of "Diving". 
Aamir Khan:
Aamir Khan is one on-screen character, who does everything with flawlessness be it his motion picture parts, his TV appearances. We are certain, he'll be our most solid option at the session of "Chess". Great going Dangal star!

CRB Tech reviews feels that all of you would agree on this. If you have any other suggestions, your answers are welcome!

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