Watch Out! Here Is How To Become Po..?

CRB Tech reviews brings to you this viral video that shows Maine Mendoza.

Here is a video from the world of Eat Bulaga showing Maine Mendoza. She is probably sitting in a bus or a vanity van. As one can understand, Maine is making various faces and showing the audience how to be You Po. Her expressions are worth seeing and speak a lot. Good enacting on the part of her. The process is divided into various levels like 1...24...99.9 etc.

Maine is seen wearing a white off shoulder dress in the video. She is looking really pretty. And, when she makes all kinds of faces, she looks all the more funny. From the comments of the various fans, it is clear that all of them thoroughly enjoyed the video. It made them laugh like hell.

Eat Bulaga! (on the other hand EB) is the longest early afternoon theatrical show in the Philippines and is produced by Television And Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE) and right now circulated by GMA Network. The show telecasts from The New TAPE Studios (Eastside Studio) at the GMA Broadway Centrum in New Manila, Quezon City. Eat Bulaga! is disclosed Weekdays at 12:00pm to 2:35pm and Saturdays at 11:30am to 2:45pm (PHT).

In the off camera video of Cosmopolitan Magazine of their photograph shoot with Liza Soberano, netizens really wanted to spout over her magnificence. As the July model of the magazine, Liza easily poised before the camera. Viewers of the video really wanted to remark how perfect and delightful she is, with some notwithstanding asking "How to be you po?"

Jodi Sta. Maria is a bewildering stunner in a return photograph she posted on July 8. The film takes after the tale of Chinggay (Jodi), an adornments shop chief, is one of the single ladies in their 30's who experiences the pressure to discover love. She goes out on dates with men yet none of them appear to make the cut. You may point the finger at her exclusive expectations however the torment from her past relationship could likewise be influencing her judgment on men. Presently, her affection life is languishing a dry spell over seven years.

Everything changes when abruptly, two men are intrigued to be with her. Ryan (Ian) and Frank (Richard). 

Chinggay gets herself torn between two sorts of affection. Will she pick one over the other? Then again will she understand that the adoration that she needs won't originate from either?

This was regarding how to be Po, for more of such interesting news, do visit CRB Tech reviews.

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