10 Tricks That Would Make Your Makeup Look Professional

Today we are going to discuss something that every woman would love very much. Yes, it's about makeup tips and tricks. We as a whole put on cosmetics (at any rate as a less than dependable rule), however is your method yielding the most ideal results? Here, Kimberly Soane, the chief of artistry at Bobbi Brown, presents some straightforward pointers to ensure we're utilizing everything from concealer to bronzer to mascara right.


Want to know the best part?

The tricks we are going to tell you are really simple and effective too. They will take your makeup to an altogether different level. One can use these tricks as guidelines while doing your makeup.

Let's begin with some eye makeup tips:

How to apply eye shadow: 

Begin with a base shadow with no gleam that mixes with the lightest skin tone everywhere and apply everywhere on your top up to the temples. You ought to utilize this base shadow to ensure the darker shadows utilized on your cover up to the crease are appropriately mixed.

How to apply eyeliner: 

Rather than looking straight ahead at the mirror, get as near it as could be feasible, stick your head up and bring your jaw towards the mirror. You need to look down as you apply, beginning at the inward corner and making a point to go such a distance out to the fold on the outside of the eye.



Remember to every time apply the brow pencil or the brow powder to the above portion of the eyebrow. This would help you in lifting your face up. 

How to apply foundation: 

A proper foundation forms the base of a good makeup. Therefore, it needs to be applied evenly and appropriately. Utilize your fingers to apply the foundation in the event that you need sheer coverage and a brush in the event that you more cleaned, medium to full coverage.


You need to ensure the lipstick you are using is not very blending at your cupid's bow (the top portion of your lip), and that it goes such a portion out to the inside edges of your mouth. Be certain to push down hard as you apply.

Blush application: 

At the point when applying blush, first grin, then begin on the apple of the cheek, mix the redden back towards the highest point of the ear, then down towards the jawline.


Each time apply powder where you are shiniest in the first place, which it more often than not your T-zone, with a light tidying anywhere else.


Never apply concealer or foundation on surface of your eyelids as a base, it will make your eye makeup to wrinkle.


It is needed to apply the bronzer on your neck, face, and mid-section to even out your skin tone. Make sure to step back and ensure everything is of the same shading.


You would prefer not to do fast delicate movements when you apply mascara. Instead, put the wand inside the foundation of the lash and do crisscross movements as you go up.

Before concluding, here is one more tip. Ensure that your makeup habits are safe from the health point of view as well. This is important as practicing unhygienic habits can lead to various skin infections and other diseases. Also, never sleep with your makeup on. This is what experts say. Remove your makeup before going to bed in the night. This is a good practice.

Hope that this blog makes your next makeup session very good and gives it a professional touch. All the best!

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