First Look At Alden Richard's New Book "In My Own Words" !

CRB Tech reviews has this news for you in connection with the latest book of Alden Richards. It is considered to be the most awaited book launch by Alden. It is basically an autobiography.

Alden Richards is extremely glad that he was allowed to write his own book titled Alden: In My Own Words, where he shared his own tales and stories about his long journey since adolescence. It also consists of sweeter moments of Alden's life.

Alden Richards is upbeat that Summit Books allowed him to write his collection of memoirs entitled Alden: In My Own Words. He depicted it as 'a way for leaving your legacy,' as he shares his own stories and bits of knowledge about his showbiz venture.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and different journalists amid his book launch prior today, Sunday, August 14, he said that he considers this opportunity as a unique moment.

In his collection of memoirs distributed by Summit Books, Alden shared his journey and battles in life before he moved onto the stage, incorporating his enormous break in 2011, and the sweeter minutes that he's relishing now that he's viewed as one of the most sultry and very much cherished identities in the business.

As indicated by him, a great deal has changed in his life since his entrance in showbiz journey, including his money related status and private life. Here are the excerpts of what he shared on the occasion.

He shared that, Actually, I just came from a so-so lifestyle. In effect, we're not that rich. We're not actually rich, but we're not that poor again. Private life has changed. It's part because you're a public figure, so you really have to make a conscious effort to go to places that were once unheard of to you.

"Because in life really, really there is no one-side dimension, e.

There's dependably a decent side of everything and there's dependably a terrible side of everything. It generally meets up like Yin and Yang. So everything shocks me particularly when arriving endowments, that amazements me a considerable measure. Now and again, yung individuals that travel every which way...

You get amazed with how individuals travel every which way in your life when you're a piece of this industry.

The 24-year-old on-screen actor communicated that, each day is an amazement.It's a steady learning experience and parang being a piece of the business, you must be prepared in a wide range of things, the good and the awful ones as well.

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