Half Girlfriend: First Bollywood Movie To Be Hosted By UN!

CRB Tech reviews feels proud to disclose the fact that Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor's upcoming movie in Half Girlfriend, will become the first Bollywood film to be shot at UN. A special moment for Bollywood.
Half Girlfriend

You might be wondering,

How come so late? And how did that happen? Same is the case with us.

As has been accounted for before, the film is based on Chetan Bhagat's novel titled Half Girlfriend in which the hero Madhav works at the United Nations and keeps running in the city of NYC to discover his woman love Ria Somani (played by Shraddha) . Subsequently, a few segments of the film additionally must be shot at the UN and the boulevards of NYC. Chetan Bhagat took to his Twitter account to share this fascinating bit of information.

On a related note, looks like Shraddha and Arjun are having a ton of fun amid their NYC schedule. Both the performers shared stills of themselves doing some desi moves in the city of Times Square, full on Bollywood style.

Arjun Kapoor tweeted saying that he was happy to bring Bollywood Dance Raita to New York. Entertainment at it's best! 

Sharaddha, who herself is on a professional high, present the colossal reaction on the very first teaser of 'Rock On!! 2,' and the accomplishment of her previous film as the female lead, the Tiger Shroff starrer "Baaghi," looks to a great degree agreeable in the photo, as the crowd looks on.

The lead on-screen actors had assumed control over Times Square for a peppy melody which would be a piece of the motion picture. Shraddha looked smoking hot in blue denims while Arjun looked entirely smart himself. They appeared as though they were having a fabulous time. Truth be told, Shraddha Kapoor tweeted about this minute, saying she has done confirmed moving at the New York Times Square from her rundown. They will keep on shooting in america for a couple of more days, psot which they will be back in India to wrap up the film.

In another news update, we will see Shraddha Kapoor in a rocker chic symbol in Rock 2 where she plays Jiah Khan. She will be seen singing close by Farhan Akhtar. she is the most up to date part and has as of now made a significant impression. Additionally appears like the on-screen character will have returned to the States in October, as Magik the band will perform live on October fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth! Whoa! While Half Girlfriend is set for a release one year from now, Rock on 2 will be released this November! In this way, we are similarly excited for both. Right?

CRB Tech reviews likes to make you aware of such interesting facts related to movies.

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