MNS Threatens Pakistani Actors in Bollywood To Pack Bags And Leave

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This time it is related to Pakistani actors working in Bollywood, in the wake of the Uri attacks.

MNS Threatens Pakistani Actors in Bollywood To Pack Bags And Leave

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) on Friday hopped on the opportunity given by the up-tick in strains with Islamabad, and asked Pakistan Bollywood actors like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar to leave India. A leader of the xenophobic party issued a 48-hour due date, after which he said MNS would "push them out". So, a total of 7 Pak stars to leave India is what is expected to be the result of this.

The destructive remark from a pioneer of the Marathi supporting party comes when relations amongst India and Pakistan are souring over Islamabad's backing to terrorists who targeted India

This is not really the first time that Khopkar has issued dangers of physical brutality. He had issued a comparative danger to AIB humorist Tanmay Bhat amid the Sachin Tendulkar-Lata Mangeshkar snapchat controversy

He likewise undermined to pound any Indian director or producer who remained by the Pakistani artistes.

The interesting fact is that, there is a line up of Pakistani actors upcoming Bollywood movies. He has additionally waded in with vitriol into various different debates including big names and the film business. There have however been cases when his gathering and its main Raj Thackeray have separated themselves from his comments when they have been shaky. 

This brand of disturbance is not really new to the Mumbai circuit. The MNS and its aggressively xenophobic guardian association Shiv Sena routinely target Pakistani personalities.

Now, we would have to see what would the Indian actors working in Pakistan, would have to face as a result of this. Other Pakistani artistes to have fallen afoul of the Sena-MNS xenophobia temporary fad incorporate Mekaal Hasan Band and noted ghazal vocalist Ghulam Ali. Some Pakistani actor couples are also active in Bollywood and they to will have to face the wrath of this.

Not only the film business, cricket too has been debilitated, with the latest case being a cricket match amongst India and Pakistan amid the T20 World Cup.

One has to wait and watch as to what happens in this regard. It is reported that the police are ready to give police protection to actors who demand it.

Wonder what Pakistani actors in Hollywood would have to face, or whether they continue to work as before. May be the Indian based Pakistani actors would join them. 

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