Movie Review: Akira Aka Sonakshi Sinha Packs A Powerful Punch !

CRB Tech reviews presents to you the movie review of today's released film Akira. Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha can be seen in an action packed role in the film.


Want to know the best part of the film?

It's the different avatar of Sonakshi Sinha. Never seen before!

Akira, in Sanskrit, implies graceful strength. Furthermore, that is the way you see Sonakshi Sinha in the AR Murugadoss film as she fights viciousness against women and in addition banalities of how actresses in Bollywood should be. Sonakshi plays an undergrad from a dysfunctional family. Short on temper and speedy to give her clench hands a chance to do the talking, Sonakshi is a rebel in her small town.

The second half brings you down the same street. Murugadoss adores extravagant twists and turns in his movies, surprising as far as possible. In the event that you recollect Aamir Khan's Ghajini or Holiday, you come to know precisely what we mean. In the event that you can suspend doubt and purchase everything that Sonakshi and Murugadoss serve you with, the action drama is your thing.

Her filmy parents send her to Mumbai, trusting the large city will mellow her down. They should have known not. Sonakshi's character is somebody who can't deal with violence against ladies and wrongs of any sort. Before long, she ends up wrecked where she is hollowed against Anurag Kashyap's degenerate, coke-snorting cop. 

It is now in the film that you are so transfixed by his terrible person act that you think that its difficult to turn away. You loathe what he is doing, you are disturbed by him yet you just can't take eyes away from him. Bollywood's villains, take a look. On the off chance that you loved Anurag's Bunty Bhaiya in Tigmanshu Dhulia's Shagird, you will be grasped by him in Akira.

Just this time, rather than a Khan or a Kumar pummeling the baddies into a bloody mess, a lady is the one tossing the punches. On the off chance that that is not reason enough to watch the film, we don't recognize what is. Sonakshi Sinha, simply help us out, give us a greater amount of the performing artist inside you. We have had enough of the lovely young lady hitting the dance floor with the star existing apart from everything else.

So, this one is at-least a one time watch. CRB Tech reviews recommends this film to it's viewers. 

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