Movie Review : Rock On 2 Teaser is Rocking !

The Rock on riff was trapped in our go. It obviously had the same impact on Farhan Akhtar. What it led to is actual Magik and a follow up known as Rock on 2!

Rock on 2 teaser is rocking

As Rock on 2 intro came out on Thursday, it was deja vu all over again. Farhan Akhtar is enjoying at the front side of wide viewers moments after we see him rowing a ship on a couch potatoes pond. Mineral water and songs, the two elements of Rock on have returned again in Rock on 2, just like the throw. Farhan, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli and Prachi Desai are reprising their positions in Rock on2.

So, what’s new in Rock on teaser? Ok, let us ensure it is who’s new? It is Shraddha Kapoor, this film’s hesitant yet skilled artist, and Shashank Arora, him of Titli popularity. While Shraddha gets some perform in the little over one-minute intro, we only see Shashank executing and not really discussing. Will Farhan be the power behind forcing Shraddha to perform? It sure looks like it.

The music which performs as the intro releases is the favorite Rock on.

And as Farhan informs his viewers, Magik has not conducted for many many is only back again for a purpose and, as he says, “This. Is. It.” Now there’s a secret for we are not sure what he strategies “It”. Will the movie trailer expose it or will we have to hang about until the film’s release?

In the meanwhile, here’s what else is new now circular — the group is together after a decade-long divided. What ripped them apart now? Also, the follow up has been taken in Shillong and also contains a individuals music in Khassi. The background songs is anticipated to be old, just like its primary caste. They have involved equipment like key-board and sarod and anticipate more grew up composing.

“It was similarly interesting and tough create a follow up. We desired the best in every section of the movie be it in songs, launching, or the place. Most significantly, we have a certain liability to the follow up and the individuals who have really kept the remembrances of the movie in existence so that while viewing, the viewers would think that we have created the movie with same truthfulness and really like.

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