Movie Review: Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa, What To Expect ?

Just like any other movie, CRB Tech reviews brings to you this review of recently released film, Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa. What can we expect from it? Hopefully, this review would answer that question.


Now, let's start dissecting the film.

Mann (Jimmy) is hoping to become showbiz royalty in Thailand however after the experience with the criminal's (Arbaaz) young brother, his life is at danger. His girlfriend Tina (Bruna) persuades him that with a specific end goal to get away from the hoodlum's fierceness, he should do a reversal back to India. Then again, Mann's twin brother Mohan sets out determined to take his sibling back to India as well. Call it occurrence or a chance unforeseen development (or languid scripting), while Mann lands in India to meet his sibling and mom (Zarina), Mohan winds up in Thailand. Presently, both the siblings need to determine issues tormenting their lives, just, by swapping characters.

Following up on intuition, Mann bashes up a person who eve-prods his sweetheart. Shockingly, the person ends up being the more youthful sibling of a hoodlum in Thailand. Will Mann endure the same destiny or will fortunes support him?

Numerous should seriously think about watching Jimmy Shergill in a double part a treat, yet even the gifted actor (increased by two) can't rescue a film that is unsurprising. Not at all like a large portion of his different movies however, Jimmy gets the young lady this time. However, to guarantee that, he needs to accomplish something he's obviously uncomfortable with - dance.

Arbaaz Khan keeps up the same expression all through. Bruna Abdullah and Pooja Chopra simply include the glitz variable and nothing else to the film. Inconsistency in editing part and cliché characters affect YTTMHG further. Murli Sharma plays the antagonist in India, yet his performance is off track the imprint. Comedian Vijay Patkar has a twofold part as well and he's powerful in a Kapil Sharma Show personification kind of way. What's more, that is the dismal truth about this parody. It's desire is to be a muffle fest as opposed to a real drama of blunders or a half-nice situational comic drama.

Picturesque locales, good women, comic drama and action; Yea Toh Too Much Ho Gayaa (YTTMHG) has everything that goes into making an entertainer. However, it doesn't generally enliven.

The film experiences a wannabe disorder. It needs to do a considerable measure however just winds up making the viewer say 'Yea toh too much ho gaya'.

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