OMG! Maine Mendoza Alden Richards Relationship Fake?

CRB Tech reviews takes a peek into the world of AlDub, just for you fans. We like to keep you updated always! It is not a hidden fact that both Alden and Maine are in a relationship in real life.

They happen to be together for many days now.


But, guess what?

A news is being circulated off late that Maine Mendoza's real boyfriend is not Alden Richards! Now can you believe that? A shocker, isn't it? Let's explore the news a bit more.

Enthusiasts of AlDub cheered when Maine Mendoza at long last said "yes" to her on-screen accomplice Alden Richards. Notwithstanding, talk has it that it was only for appear, and she really has a different genuine boyfriend. How genuine is that? 

On the September 1 episode of "KalyeSerye," a section in the early afternoon show Eat Bulaga, Mendoza gave her sweet "yes" to Richards. It instantly brought about the fans to go wild. They have been sitting tight for that minute for over a year, lastly it happened. 

Notwithstanding, it appears like the incandescently happy feeling finished soon for them. A few reports assert that the scene was only for the appear, and Richards is not her genuine sweetheart. There are even gossipy tidbits expressing that when Mendoza went to the United States to watch a show, she was with a person named Miggy. 

The thing is, who is this Miggy? Past reports uncovered that Miggy is Mendoza's previous suitor. It goes route back before she was found by Eat Bulaga. In spite of the fact that the thing between them happened quite a while prior, issues of them dating is just freaking.

On the off chance that these gossipy tidbits were true, AlDub may lose their fans. Also, faking their relationship for the show is a truly terrible move for the couple. Fortunately, Maine Mendoza addressed these assertions including Miggy a month ago. 

In August, there was a fan requesting that the actress be honest. He requesting that her come clean behind these Miggy bits of gossip. Mendoza, then again, reacted to the fan saying all gossipy tidbits are "not true AT ALL."

Mendoza then included that haters are simply attempting to cut her down the “quickest and dirtiest way possible.” Plus, they are simply attempting to make issue and drag diverse individuals to persuade other individuals to hate her too.

These statements from the actress came even before she said "yes" to Richards. Along these lines, it is protected to say that she has cleared the mist before getting into a relation with the last mentioned. Fans can now breathe simpler. As to the Unites States trip, it was simply in view of gossipy tidbits and nothing was ever affirmed. 

For the time being, all fans can in any case trust that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are a genuine couple. In any case, expect significantly more negative reports soon as haters attempt to cut the power couple down.

CRB Tech reviews would report to you in the future, if it comes across any update regarding this.

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