Pink Movie Review: Amitabh Bachchan Churns Out Another Classic Role!

CRB Tech reviews brings to you another review. This time, it is a movie starring Amitabh Bachchan. The name is Pink.
Amitabh Bachchan

Want to know the best part?

There are three female protagonists in the film. Once again a female oriented film. Surely, Bollywood is in for a change.

Each one of those concerned with the film 'Pink', deserve to take a profound bow : at last, a capable, valiant Hindi mainstream cinema which concentrates on genuine young ladies who live genuine lives and manage prickly everyday issues, which young women the world over will recognize and relate with.

The three female sheroes of "Pink" are your next door young ladies. Minal (Taapsee Pannu) is an event organizer, whose work can reach out into the late hours. Falak (Kirti Kulhari) does a job in a corporate set-up where image is what matters. Andrea (Tariang) is from the 'North-East' (Meghalaya, she says, however plainly nobody is keen on the specifics : young ladies from the `North East' are reasonable game, regardless of the possibility that they are safe from head to feet). The young women share a level in a "posh" South Delhi region, and we come across them first when they are heading in a taxi in the early hours of the morning, bothered about something that has simply happened.

As the plot (gracious euphoria, a plot, verily), concise and on-point, disentangles, we become more acquainted with that the trio was in the company of three young fellows, after a rock show in Surajkund in Haryana. Things take an appalling turn after the supper that takes place. The ladies need to make a keep running for it, and one of the young fellows ends up requiring stitches in a profound wicked cut over his eye.

The young men are likewise spot on. Bedi radiates menace : when he growls out that horrendous swearword amid the trial, you crave contracting, and pondering — how could we have been able to we come up short this era, this generation of today, in the event that regardless they feel like this? Alternately is it only a continuation of the path eras of men, just surface smooth-and-smooth, have felt about women? Scratch a bit, and rotten patriarchal pus comes spilling out.

Amitabh, once again delivers a solid performance. The role has its limitations but the shehenshah of Bollywood, is not to blame. Shoojit Sircar is the producer of the film.

So, this was regarding Pink review. CRB Tech reviews recommends that you go and check out the movie at a theater near you.

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