Radhika Apte Controversy Continues! Nude Scene Leaked From Her Latest Film Parched

CRB Tech reviews presents to you this never before seen video of a sex scene from “Parched”. It happens to be the latest movie of Radhika Apte.

The Leena Yadav- directed Parched and produced by Ajay Devgn & Aseem Bajaj has been getting rave reviews and winning honors on the international film festival circuit. Yet, on Sunday, the dusty drama rotating around three ladies in a remote town in Gujarat who break free of extremely old traditions which have kept them locked in bondage was making news for an alternate reason after two lovemaking scenes starring Radhika Apte leaked on the web. Literally a hot scene leaked online.

Adil Hussain is vexed to see his love making scene with on-screen character Radhika Apte from the film, Parched, doing the rounds of web. The said scene, which depicts Adil Hussain and Radhika Apte both topless having intercourse, was released two or three days back by guilty parties who are yet to be recognized.

One of them demonstrated the part of her exposed back as she bolts lips, while the other highlighted frontal nakedness. The scenes are without clothes. The makers had wanted to obscure out the latter for the film's theater release in India. Them becoming famous online come as a discourteous stun.

Shockingly, it was not the entire film that was released online this time. It was only the lovemaking scene which indicated Radhika naked that was leaked on the web. The video turned into a web sensation and got on like out of control fire inside minutes of the leak.

Producer of the film Aseem Bajaj was unaware of the occurrence and when educated said he may approach the cyber crime cell of the Mumbai police to have them removed.

This isn't the first run through Radhika's naked scenes have been released on the web. A year ago, a clasp from Anurag Kashyap's 20-minute short film advanced towards the Internet as well. The cyber cell had enlisted an argument against an obscure individual for releasing the clasp.

Considered a standout amongst the most natural talents in the business, Radhika has demonstrated her strength as an actor on numerous occasions be it 'Shor In the City', her part in 'Badlapur', "Hunterrr" or short film 'Ahalya'.

"Phobia" star Radhika Apte says a honest love for acting is the thing that conveyed her to the film business and not the fantasy of turning into a major Bollywood star.

CRB Tech reviews hopes that this controversy dies down soon.

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