Radhika Apte Pays Tribute To Asha Bhosle, Here's What She Had To Say!

CRB Tech reviews would like to tell you about the latest news in Bollywood. It is related to Radhika Apte. This time it is not related to any movie of the actress, but she paying tribute to legendary singer Asha Bhosle.

Radhika Apte Pays Tribute To Asha Bhosle, Here's What She Had To Say!

Actors frequently pay tributes to famous Bollywood stars. Ranveer Singh, for instance, entertained gatherings of people by dancing to Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan's well known tracks at an awards function. 

Varun Dhawan has done likewise with Govinda's songs. Presently, Radhika Apte is set to join the club. She will pay tribute to artist Asha Bhosle. Be that as it may, rather than performing at an awards appear, the Phobia star will perform at an open venue in Mumbai.

Radhika Apte Pays Tribute To Asha Bhosle, Here's What She Had To Say!

A source near the actress said that, Radhika is trained in traditional dance. She took an expert course in the dance form in London (UK). The on-screen character will pay tribute to Ashaji by shaking on her well known tracks, for example, 'Aaj rapat jaye to' (Namak Halaal; 1982), 'Jaane do na' (Saagar; 1985), and so on. Radhika will perform with choreographer Terence Lewis. The pair will showcase a blend of contemporary and Latin dance moves. The performance will occur on September 8.

Whenever contacted, Radhika affirmed the news, and said that, if there is one thing she is enthusiastic about other than acting, it's dancing. She is amped up for paying tribute to somebody like Asha tai. She will perform on some of her delightful melodies.

Radhika Apte happens to be a well known actress who has carved a niche for herself. Just like her full length movies, Radhika Apte short films have also become hugely popular. Radhika Apte is also popular on social media including Radhika Apte Facebook page.

Each time Radhika Apte new movie is about to release, there happens to be a controversy surrounding her. This time surprisingly, she is in news for good reasons. She paying a tribute to the great singer. Radhika Apte's Phobia was her latest film to have been released. It did not garner much popularity. Was a horror film.

Radhika Apte will be joined by Terence Lewis during the tribute. Terence Lewis is a well known choreographer in Bollywood. He judges may dance shows these days. It seems that the event would be a grand affair and the singer would be touched.

CRB Tech reviews would keep you updated with the news related to Radhika Apte. 

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