Upcoming Movie : Ajay Devgan Agreed To Lip Lock In Shivaay!

CRB Tech reviews would like to reveal before you, this interesting bit related to Ajay Devgan's upcoming movie Shivaay. Shivaay release date is said to be this Diwali. 

Ajay Devgan Agreed To Lip Lock In Shivaay!

Want to know the best part?

It is regarding his lip lock in the film! Here are the details of it

Ajay Devgn has never kissed on-screen. Be that as it may, he will soon be seen locking lips with his Shivaay co-star Erika Kaar. In the new song that will be released from Shivaay called Darkhast, the couple will be seen fixing it with a kiss.

Ajay Devgan Agreed To Lip Lock In Shivaay!

What made Ajay break his no-kissing strategy? Bollywoodlife.com reported that, it isn't so much that Ajay had any strategy all things considered. It simply happened naturally given that Shivaay ties this wonderful romantic tale amongst Ajay and his co-star Erica Kaar that it was only obvious of him to go with the mood of the film and get the feelings right. The romantic tale gets a significant turn in the story. Truth be told, whoever has watched this kiss scene so far feels it is so tastefully shot that you would need to sit up and pay heed to Ajay and Erica's sentiment.

One more Shivaay movie news is that the song will release today. Shivaay movie trailer and a song has already released a few days ago. People gave a positive response to the trailer. Let's see how the movie fares at the box office. 

It appears that groups of onlookers will get the chance to see something which they had never seen before. On the off chance that bits of gossip are to be trusted, Ajay Devgn is set to secure lips this time. Isn't that an astonishing news? Ajay Devgn in his whole Bollywood career has never come up with a lip-lock. Be that as it may, shedding every one of his hindrances, the actor is accounted to bolt lips with the lead actress in the flick.

Actor-producer-director Ajay Devgn has guaranteed that he goes the additional mile for his anticipated film, 'Shivaay'. The title track, 'Bolo Har Har', took very nearly a year to make. Actually, Ajay got composer Mithoon to chip away at the music while the motion picture was still in the pre-creation stage.

The movie seems to have been attracting a lot of attention till now. It seems that the movie will garner a huge opening when it releases.

CRB Tech reviews suggests you to get Shivaay movie images from the internet. They are really cool!

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