Katrina Kaif is enjoying her single relationship status

CRB Tech reviews provides the information about Katrina Kaif's single status. Keep in mind a few a few weeks before Katrina Kaif had given a charming image on Facebook of her holding the exercising ball?



The gym picture which she posted has this caption saying, “My exercise for the day …. Sometimes all you need is a hug (even if it’s an exercise ball)” 

Well, probably until that day she was feeling lonely and was desiring to get a hug but think gradually her wish to hug has passed away for Katrina choses to be independent now-a-days. 

That's good

Gladly Katrina just shared a photo holding herself and captioned it saying, “Do I need anyone?” which only shows how she’s completely experiencing herself single right now.

Life starts with you!

Tough heartbreak:

I mean, we all know how Katrina went through a dreadful heartbreak after split with Ranbir Kapoor a few months ago. There were views published all on 

Ranbir who wanted a breakup with Katrina and that he was unsuccessful to provide any commitment towards their connection. 

Such things will drain your energy and eventually it is not that easy to get over a breakup. However, like how they say time cures everything, looks like Katrina too has learned how to appreciate being individual and appreciate's company of your own. Well done girl!

Being single is the best:

In reality, if you search down Katrina’s Facebook page you will realize how she is happy in creating the most out of her ‘happily single’ position. 

From sharing charming images of her resting in the bed room to doing fun stay conversations with her lovers, tell me genuinely, did you ever get to see Katrina being so contented or so happy while she was in a connection with Ranbir

Salman Khan to the rescue:

Salman Khan-selfie-with-Katrina-Kaif

Salman Khan took a selfie with Katrina Kaif in the recent episode of Bigg Boss 10. So what do you think Salman Khan to get patched up with Katrina Kaif again? Will things get better between them. Will Katrina accept him as his boyfriend again.

We as fans always wish good for our beloved actors but it is the choice of the two that they should agree or not and if at all they agree can they maintain their relationship without any break up? For more updates stay tuned with our CRB tech reviews.

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