There is no safety for Kim Kardashian too!

Kim Kardashian was terrified she was going to be raped, as spine-chilling new news come out from the break-in that left her bound in the bathing room of an extravagant Paris residence as covered men robbed huge costly jewellery, valued in dollars on gun point reviewed by CRB Tech.

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Kim had been asleep in just a gown early morning start of the week when she observed the thieves barreling up the steps of her two-story residence behind La Madeleine cathedral in the town's 8th arrondissement

While Kim's cellphone was seized out of her arms before she could contact for help, her quite alert buddy Simone Harouche jumped from her bed downstairs and closed herself in a bathing room, the web page revealed.

The style beautician and long-time buddy of the Kardashians known as Kim's personal protection officer Pascal Duvier, who was out at the Arc evening club with Kourtney and Kendall less than two kilometers away. 

About 2. 5 hours later, France authorities said, Ms. Kardashian West, a reality tv celebrity, was scammed out at gunpoint of jewellery value at least 8 million euros, or nearly $9 thousand. She was alone in a magnificent residence in the 8th Arrondissement, nearly two kilometers from the supper, when two men rush in, arrested her up and blocked her, then ranaway with at least three culprits, authorities said.

Kim, who later informed cops she terrifying she was going to be raped, did not view the French-speaking thieves among the disorderly field.

But she observed them repeating 'ring, ring' before she noticed they were looking for the 20-carat emerald-cut Lorraine Schwartz ring given to her by husband Kanye West.


She soon said where she kept the ting, which is definitely worthy of $4.5million (4 million euro /£3.5 million) and last seen on Kim's hand in a Snapchat post previously that evening.

The men, who broke into the appartment after having the victim at gunpoint, also took a jewellery box value $6.7 million before getting out of on leased bikes available throughout the town. 

Kim's protection officer, who handled to go back to the residence two minutes after the men runaway, was cranked for enabling the shocking lapse while former security Bob Stanulis recommended it was an inside job.

Kim and Simone were alone in the Resort Pourtalès behind the Madeleine cathedral. Made in 1839, it is not an effective hotel, but a portered building containing nine apartments developed for multi-millionaires and that is what our CRB tech reviews over here is all about.

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