WTF! Watch Girls Beating the Hell Out of Each Other

Watch this video showing a crazy fight between two girls on a street.

This video of two girls fighting each other on the streets is simply crazy. Scary and funny at the same time. They are fighting it out in the middle of the street. As if the street was a boxing ring and these two boxers or wrestlers fighting for a gold medal.

One girl is dressed in a denim shorts and a grey shirt, while the other one can be seen in a pinkish top accompanied by a denim boxers. Both these girls are wearing boots. The video is from a non English speaking country as what the girls are saying, cannot be understood at all.

Initially these girls are standing on the side of the road and suddenly start a heated conversation. May be they are giving a mouthful to one another. In fraction of a second, the girl in pink top grabs the hair of the other one and starts bashing her with bare hands.

Fighting it out they fall on the streets while pulling each others hair. Even after falling down they do not stop and continue bashing one other. They pull the hair so hard that it seemed as if they would pull it out completely. The sound of screaming is very loud with both of them yelling at each other. Both of them are trying to lock the other person with their legs so that they wouldn't be able to move.

As the girls are battling it out, slowly a large crowd starts to gather at the spot. But nobody is seen intervening and they are enjoying it. A few from the crowd take out their mobile phones and start shooting the fight. A perfect recipe for a viral video. Who would let go off such an opportunity?

The fight causes such a chaos that there is a traffic jam on the road. Therefore, finally a policeman arrives at the scene and separates both the girls. Thus, finally the bashing ends with the cop intervening and both the girls escape unhurt and the traffic continues to get back to normal with the crowd dispersing away.

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