John Abraham Quoted Sonakshi Sinha As Not Among Those Dainty, Dancing Girls

Today CRB Tech Reviews write about views shared by John Abraham on Sonakshi Sinha and their upcoming action film Force 2. For the first time John and Sonakshi will be seen together and for the first time they share their experiences on how it was to work with each other in an action drama. The screen space is also being shared by Tahir Raj Bhasin of Mardaani fame and is playing again the role of a baddie.


After watching Akira we all know that action and Sonakshi Sinha goes together. After showcasing her fearless avatar in Akira this year, Sonakshi is all set to take the charge in yet another drama “Force 2”. The movie is slated to release this Friday on November 18 and from what its looks we can perceive that this one is going to be one of her best ones.

To mention, Force 2 and Akira are both gonna be similar since both are action films, let us clear the air. They are simply opposite in their storyline. Sonakshi confessed this by saying that there is a huge difference. The types of films Force 2 and Akira are, they are totally different, the directors are so very different and their styles are also unique. In Akira it was little rawer and in Force 2 they worked with a variety of action directors from all across the world. Even the action sequences include run, hand-to-hand combat, chases, car chase sequences and also gunfights.

Moreover it’s the first venture by Shona and John. In fact, John exclusively stated that he thinks Sonakshi is a fantastic actor. Be it acting or stunts – since the day first he was mighty impressed with her. John also added that she is fantastic and she is effortless with the action. He continued to state that it’s not just about her action; it’s about her attitude as a whole. She is not one of those dainty, dancing girls.... she really means what she does and she is just awesome.....Thus John concluded.

John is popular for performing high-end action stunts in most of his films that is why it wasn’t a tough thing for him to prepare for the role. 

No other actor in Bollywood has explored the action genre like John and this is what the audience loves to watch him do. Though John has done a couple of comedy films, but he looks best when he is indulged in some high-end action and this is how he is more admired and remembered.

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