Know The Power of Your Mind!

Problems are the innate part of life! In this blog topic CRB Tech Reviews will discuss the potential of mind to do away with the problems and for that you need to know how to get out of negative feelings.


Problems vary person to person and the cause are also different. Let’s say my problem is my mood. I might want to be happy yet some negative feelings get way into.

Now it is to wonder what is the cause of the problems or the negative feelings. It could be lack of sleep. Too much bad junkies. Time of the monthly cycle. Too much sodas or caffeine. Those words of my spouse, co-worker,friend, many to mention. Nope!that’s not the reason. They are mere triggers, and we in in this hotchpotch. 

So what could be the reason? Well that’s the habits of mind. You might have the good intentions and desires to change your mind state, but until your habit of mind changes, you can’t get away with your problems.

Truth about Reality

Now what is Reality?

To explain that let me paraphrase the teachings of E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality Paperback authored by Pam Grout: 

E=MC^2 that says energy=matter and matter=energy. 

Matter is mere potential energy. 

All energy, which includes self, are connected to the field of potentiality, which says if you want something, the power for that exists. 

Thoughts are energy.And wherever you focus your thoughts or energy your reality gets created.Thoughts are rather directional. 

Next question is how to use the focus of your mind. CRB Tech Reviews write about that HOW! Keep moving through the lines to know.

Patterns of Your Mind

The fact is that mind is a creature of habit. And the good news is that you can change your habit. But How?

I would like to keep things simple and short. To mention our mind establishes some very strong patterns over the lifetime. We spend the lifetime spending thinking the way we can.So what to practice is to change the current negative limiting thought patterns each time they appear along with the thoughts that has the potential to bring good stuff into our life.

How Can Your Mind Manifest Your Need?

The simple fact is that what we want we go for....So what we keep bringing to our mind over and over will happen to us. You should realise the power of your belief and intentions.What you have to do is you keep focusing on what you want and consistently bring the mind back to that again ad again.


1. You choose an intention. “I want ____________.”

E.g. I want a new red car. Thoughts will line up like this: I deserve it. I will care for it. I will enjoy it everyday. I can feel it.

2. After making choice of that intention, you focus on that the whole day. 

3. Converge all your senses to visualise: how will you feel? what will it look, smell, feel and taste like? what emotions and thought and experiences will you be having? The more you focus the more power it will have.

4. Again and again bring your mind back to your intention all day.

Very sooner this will become your new habit of thoughts. No sooner you will see the fruits of your thoughts.

Common Problems and Solutions

Fixative attitude towards Past or Present Situations.And to do away with it you need to change your thought pattern and habit. You need to move on! You need to question your goal.
The best help would come as meditation for 5 to 20 minutes a few times everyday.

Sharpen your thought process and take care of sleeping habits and food habits too. Keep faith on your positive vibes and energy and everything will seem rewarding for you. Good thoughts will make you know how important you are and the importance of your emotions, ideas and success

We conclude here.

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