Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case: Rahul Raj constrained her into prostitution?

Her claimed suicide in April this year surprised the town. Now, more information regarding what could be Pratyusha Banerjee's last discussion with her partner Rahul Raj Singh have just appeared.

Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case: Rahul Raj constrained her into prostitution?

CRB Tech reviews mourns at Pratyusha's death.

Not again!

Guess whatt??

Mumbai Mirror has utilized a copy of the records of the contact, which is the last time she talked to anyone, says Neeraj Gupta, the advocate for her mother and father, Soma and Shankar Banerjee.

In the about three-minute long discussion she had with Singh, Banerjee, who launched to popularity with her expression of Anandi in the tv sequential Balika Vadhu, is heard saying, ""B******d man.. I f**k so desperately.. In my entire lifestyle i f**k so desperately... for everything... I had not come here to offer myself... I had come here to act... to perform.

Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case: Rahul Raj constrained her into prostitution?

And where are you placing me today.. Rahul, you have no clue how bad I am feeling right now."

"This discussion occurred between Rahul and Partyusha just before her death. In this discussion, it is very obvious that she was pressured into prostitution by Rahul, as later on in the same cellphone contact she has used the term 'prostitution'," said Gupta.

Banerjee, 24, ended her life by clinging herself at her 1000-sq ft residence in Goregaon and Singh, who is currently out on bail, is billed with abetting her death. Singh, however, said that the transcripts do not expose anything that is not known.

"She was informing me that her mom and dad desired her to generate income anyhow, and she was complaining about them," he said.

Towards the second 50 % of the records, Banerjee is observed informing Singh, "...You are self-centered... you are ruining my name. Everyone is referring to me... my mom and dad are known as ghatiya."

"The cops should have discovered out who was harmful her oldsters. They should have performed an effective research, but they did nothing," said Gupta, who is intending to computer file a software for a reinvestigation of the situation.

Towards the end of the contact Banerjee is observed saying, "Rahul, it's over. I am over. Mar gayi mein (I am dead)". Singh, who can be observed trying to assure her, reacts by comforting her, and asking her not to "do anything". He informs her he will be house in 30 minutes, upon which Banerjee reacts by saying, "Everything will be over in 30 minutes."

According to Singh, Banerjee's mother and father and buddies have incorrectly billed him of using her cash. "She had no work. I was assisting her," he said.

Singh discovered Banerjee clinging from a roof fan at aroud 4pm on Apr 1 this year, and hurried her to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Medical center, in Andheri. He was associated by a cook, who proved helpful in one of the nearby flats. He advised Banerjee's mother and father, who reside in Jharkhand, about the disaster an time after he found her dead. On Apr 5, besides being reserved for the abetment of her death, Singh was also billed with legal violence. Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here has been completed.

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