Quantico Girl Priyanka Chopra Returns To Bollywood !

CRB Tech Reviews came across the latest news update about our Desi girl Priyanka that she’s making plans of homecoming to start with her Bollywood ventures. Here’s everything for you to know about her big plans.


PC has a whole big plan chalked out to her fans and all with her Bollywood movies! Keep reading to find it!

Recently though Priyanks has been known to get busy with her shoots for Quantico first and second season, but the star has some desi plans and yearnings to come back and woo her Bollywood fans. Though there was news about her being busy with the shoots of second season of Quantico, organizing Diwali bah for her Hollywood friends and making dazzling appearances at the glamorous red carpet events.Many might have thought that she became very busy with her Hollywood venture and got very comfortable over there to forget us back home. Then that’s a wrong perception and fans worry not. Our lady is coming back soon and do you wanna know how? Well, she has just sung a beautiful Marathi melody for Ventilator, her production and is coming in December to sign a few new films.

So the news is according to a leading tabloid that Priyanka is coming back in the first week of December to meet writers and directors who have been creating ideas for last few months especially for the Mastani girl. If we go with the report she will give her time and nod to 4 projects and will begin her shoots over the span of next two years after finishing her her current eight month schedule of Quantico finishes. 

For our queen bee,Priyanka who always finds passion in her work and has less fun surely is a woman with plans. After ruling over the world she’s planning to come back and make her presence felt in India. CRB Tech Reviews is very proud of our home-girl. A lady with charm and versatility, she played several roles from being a key Oscar presenter to appearing on the cover of TIME magazine, this gal has stride all the heights and yet with the rein of triumph riding gallantly on her path.

After her last Bollywood ventures Bajirao Mastani and Jai Gangajaal, we all missed her but glad to know that she would be back to impress us .

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