Salman Khan And Karishma Kapoor To Do A cameo in Varun Dhawan-Jacqueline Fernandez Starrer Judwaa 2

It would be great pleasure to watch the two actors who performed in the original film, yes Judwaa. Keep reading this blog topic of CRB Tech Reviews to get more insight.


So two big stars will be seen shining in the sequel of Judwaa.

Hope many of us watched that comedy movie which got released in 1997. A long 20 years later, a remake of the film is in process, with Varun Dhawan enacting Salman Khan’s double roles in the original. But don’t you think the sequel will be incomplete without Salman or Karisma’s presence? Well need not worry, producer Sajid Nadiadwala has affirmed that the two biggies gonna have a cameo appearance.

Recently when Karisma was seen at an event and was asked about the remake. She answered that she heard that the making of Judwaa is in progress and she’s very excited about the affair. She also added that she loves Varun as an actor and in full praise said that she’ sure he will perform well and do a great job.

Hot Jacqueline Fernandez is being heard to step into Karishma’s shoes. Salman is already confirmed for a small cameo in the sequel. Will Lolo be a part of Judwaa 2 as well? To this she revealed that, David mentioned the same about and discussed with her. She also expressed her desire to be part of the sequel and is expecting and hopeful.

Jackie’s role will be a cute, bubbly character like Lolo’s while Taapsee Pannu will be another Judwaa2 actress. She has been approached for Rambha’s part, will be also seen in the more mature and vulnerable role.

Taapsee expressed her desire to star in the sequel of Judwaa, amid there are some rumours that she is already a part of the movie. She was quoted stating that she will be happy being a part of that venture

We also heard that Varun has come up with a unique idea to kick off the film promotion.He is heard to change his current Twitter account’s name to ‘Prem’, and begin a new Twitter handle with the name ‘Raja’ (both the names of the twin characters in the new film). He also have plans to have the two characters interact on Twitter. Wow! That’s really amazing.

Varun Dhawan said that Judwaa has two different characters, so he thinks of engaging with the mass as two distinct people on social media. It would help him prepare for his characters as well, as both the characters would use Twitter differently. He is of the opinion that, in order to create the role, he should live it, and this is his plan.

We are excited to watch the movie, Judwaa 2 release date and other stuff are not yet announced.

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