Suhana Khan Has Got It In Her To Become Bollywood's Next Fashion Icon

CRB Tech reviews about Suhana's beauty and her bold attitude. She’s just 16 years of age and look at that hot dressing sense and attitude! Shah Rukh Khan’s little girl Suhana Khan is taken over the web, one pic at a moment. I mean, one look at this above image and you will know what we are trying to say.


Yes she is very much gorgeous!!

You can call her a teenager or just someone who exactly knows how to get her fashion sense right, it’s like any teenager would want to hold by and have a look at her for one or two minutes from Suhana’s fashion life.

No wonder!

SRK keeps saying how Suhana is seriously patiently waiting to complete her research and be a part of movies. Don’t you think she’s an ideal Bollywood material? 

That significant experience, that appeal and the poise with which she’s already successful over, Suhana is not going anywhere and her newest images are just including to its acceptance.


Actually, that describes why we are now going to easily search through Suhana’s newest photos and show you how her every next trip is switching into style up to the indication.

Suhana used this lovely little playsuit while returning again from father Shah Rukh Khan’s 51st birthday party in Alibaug. Look how she’s showing herself with ease yet attractive clothing. Here are a number of more images of Suhana from SRK’s party.


This one’s the final display stealer. Dressed in a wonderful Manish Malhotra development, Suhana converted significant leads at the Bachchans’ Diwali party this year. Little components with minimal cosmetics – now that’s Suhana for you; sporting the desiness with her inherent elegance. Such a elegance she be!

Now if you believed Suhana is someone who would just move out of Manchester international in her pajamas or casuals then that definitely ain’t occurring.

Although as a kid she didn’t care about style but now that she’s evolved, looks like Suhana desires to cure Manchester international just like a style driveway. Like you know on the collections of most of our Bollywood celebrities

Here look at above pic when she stepped looking like several dollars while returning again from a vacation with Shah Rukh and Abraham.

On that note, tell us what do you think of Suhana’s design computer file. Amazing or extremely impressive? Fall your ideas in content below and do return again to CRB Tech reviews for more such up-dates on Suhana.

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