Dangal : An Inspirational and Entertainment Hit

Though a diehard fan of SRK, yet I must admit that Dangal and Aamir Khan proved again that his movies are way unique. Here at CRB Tech Reviews we write a review about the much awaited movie. Dangal release date in India was announced previously and the theatres were seen by people flooded to take on the first show.

Dangal : An Inspirational and Entertainment Hit

Story: When Mahavir Singh Phogat enacted by Aamir, a Haryanvi wrestler lost hope of having a son, he trains his daughters Geeta (Fatima) and Babita (Sanya) to create wrestling history, while breaking the taboo related to the sport with respect to the Indian women which has been so far dominated by men.

Review: In the story itself, Dangal comes with a few surprises because Geeta and Babita's historic triumph at the Commonwealth Games and following championships are common knowledge. But the screen adaptation acts as a recap of their arduous journey and it recaptures how stubborn their father was and the way he resolved to make them professional wrestlers against the odds. The film encapsulates the historic wins of the Phogats, who brought glory to India; the film is also an inspiration for more women to seriously consider wrestling as a sport. 

To mention the writing of the script did wonders. Director Nitesh Tiwari, along with Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Mehrotra should be complimented for their quality, mixed with humour and many poignant father-daughter emotions all through. Though, little is lost in translation due to the Haryanvi style. But, messages on our prevalent obsession with a male child, the strong stand on bringing up our daughters and the administration’s disposition towards sports, are very loud and clear. 

We need to give the credit to the film despite Geeta and Babita’s wins are documented, it still could manage to engage the viewers with the wrestling tournaments and bring patriotic emotions to the forefront.

To mention, Dangal scores with its first-rate performances. Dangal cast is really awesome. A heavy weighted Aamir (22 kilos heavier) with grey hair is so perfect as a ziddi yet sensitive parent. It is speculated that AAmir Khan used steroids for Dangal body transformation. The 51-year-old actor must be complimented for his experiment with roles, unlike his contemporaries who prefer to play safe and at times younger than age. Sakshi’s role as his wife is restrained, yet effective. Last but not the least, the debutants Sanya and Fatima are this year’s best finds. 

Music director Pritam and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya have done a good justice with Dangal songs and the film. They managed an earthy soundtrack with Daler Mehndi’s title track raising the adrenaline rush. Even the soft track Gilheriyaan, the Haryanvi rap and hip-hop Haanikarak Bapu and the Dhakaad number, are in perfect blend with the narrative.

It is one of the best movies of the year and a really amazing year end hit. Do go and watch Dangal full movie in India; it will really ripple up confidence in the girls and their parents. The theatres 

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