Kangana Ranaut To Get Into Wedlock In 2017

In a recent interview with a leading channel Kangana Ranaut said that she would like to get married in 2017. Year 2016 she was in news with her battle with Hrithik Roshan.
Kangna Ranaut To Get Married

Again she made us sit up time with her statements. The talented Bollywood actress is very candid and mysterious at times. While Hrithik denied any sort of romantic liaison between the two, statements from Kangana’s side made it clear that it was different. It was a muddy affair that shook the industry and clearly proved that the lady from Himachal is not one to take things easy off. Anyways, heartbreak or failed relationships didn’t break Kangana’s optimism, and in an interview she said she would get married in 2017.

A leading tabloid reported that the beauty said this on a chat show. On being asked about her mystery man, she smiled away. We know that gossip mills and paparazzi will swing into action to find out who is the man. It went this way, the channel asked what big surprise can fans expect from Kangana in 2017, and she said with a blush that she’ll get married.

Kangana also spoke about a fragment of her personality that does not learn from her mistakes. She continues to do that and said that she likes that sort of ride. The actress has a string of failed relationships but she is someone who strongly believes in love. At a recent launch of her friend Bondina’s book, she said that she takes the lover within her very seriously. It seems marriage is on the must to do list of the actress for the New Year.

If you remember, Kangana was romantically involved with Aditya Pancholi at the beginning of her career. She broke up after being alleged physical abuse. During Raaz 2 she dated Adhyayan Suman but their love story failed. Early this year, Adhyayan made shocking statements about her, which she dealt in her usual fiery style.

Kangana also dated UK-based doctor, Nicholas Lafferty for a year. It has been the most non-controversial of her relationships till date. He wanted to marry her but she was reluctant and they parted ways. She admitted about the doc on India’s Most Desirable. Even, there were news of link-ups with Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgn and Hrithik.

Though we have no clue about who the guy Kangana is mentioning, we can simply guess that she must have chosen someone who loves and accepts her free spirit and honesty.

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