OMG! Sanjay Dutt Called Salman Khan ARROGANT

The B-town is full of drama and this episode when Sanjay Dutt called his close friend and younger brother Salman Khan “arrogant” is another of the type; here at CRB Tech Reviews tell you why that occurred. You might be wondering why is Salman Khan so rude? Well before concluding your thoughts read this blog to get an insight.

OMG! Sanjay Dutt Called Salman Khan ARROGANT

Recently Sanjay Dutt was seen at an event in Delhi and on being asked in a game of word association, to associate a word for his close buddy Salman Khan, Sanju Baba promptly said “Arrogant”

Obviously, it left everyone in a state of disbelief and frenzy but now it has been cleared from sources about the truth why Sanjay Dutt said that. And it is also has nothing to do with Sanjay Dutt’s upcoming movies

Sanjay announced three movies but none have happened although he is in the best shape today and daring to go. He also is the owner of a production house so he approached Salman Khan to act in his home production, thinking his buddy would give a happy nod. But Salman’s schedule diary is all chocked up with commitments for films, brands, and Being Human and he had to turn down the offer from Dutt. Irony Salman didn’t know how to deny a friend so he asked his team to do it. And quite natural Sanju Baba didn’t take this attitude that well.

To mention this not the first time Sanjay Dutt has taken such a dig at an actor, lately, he is seen on a dig taking spree. He first took the dig at Ranbir Kapoor and questioned his choice of films, making fun of much acclaimed and adored Barfi. He even accused him of not being macho enough to play the role of Sanjay in the biopic of Sanjay Dutt on the silver screen. Sanjay didn’t stop there; at the same event he carried on making fun of junior Kapoor for trying to know Sanjay’s character in a better way to enact it on screen.

Sanjay also quoted that his life must be very interesting as Raju Hirani Saab chose to film it on his story. The biopic gonna be directed by Hirani himself. Sanjay continued that Ranbir is enacting his role but Ranbir seems to be in a very state. He keeps calling Sanju for trying to understand the character. Ranbir is willing to spend days and weeks with Sanjay, but Sanju has a time constraint. Sanjay also said that he has been trying to avoid Ranbir and that it is a difficult role for him to enact in spite of being a talented actor.

So it seems Sanjay Dutt is trying to get some place in media and news and what would be apter than taking a dig at popular fellows in Bollywood.

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