Piggy Chops: Why It's Bromance For Guys and Catfight for Us!

This blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews write about an interview by Priyanka where she talks about how she miss the Bollywood and her cat-fighting with Deepika Padukone being wrongly framed.


Priyanka Chopra has been portraying her oeuvre of work in Bollywood with pride, even in the West. It’s apparent in every interview, every appearance she makes.

The desi girl sticks to her roots, accent allegations, a popular TV show, a highly acclaimed Hollywood movie – Baywatch, producer of a hit Marathi movie as produce and many more feathers to add to her crown.

On being asked how PC is finding difference between her works in both home and the West, Priyanka said when she started in India she was naive and inexperienced. She was doing without any knowledge, but now she gained experience and knows her work and is confident to take the tasks and handle them in more mature way. That’s the big difference. 

On being asked whether she enjoyed her job when she started new or now when it’s occurring at International front, PC said that newness was a bit scary. And now as she evolved with time, this is very much gratifying. 

On being asked what she misses the most Bollywood film set, she said dance! Yep! Even we miss her dance in Hollywood.

On being asked how homesick she is, Priyanka answered seven withing the ranhe between 1to 10.

In the interview she also cleared about Hollywood’s biggest misconception about Indian film which run around the dance numbers which they thinks are out of reasons.

On being asked about stereotyped in the West; Priyanka said that in her sets of Quantico, but in everyday life, she did face funny stereotypes. To mention they wonder how she could speak English so well. She also mentioned about the kinda love, respect and affection she received from the West.

When being asked that while being in Hollywood, did the FOMO in Bollywood crossed her mind; she answered that it was all the time.

On being asked about the Marathi film Ventilator which fared so well despite of not being a typical commercial type, how does she feels about such films in Hindia. To this Pc had a diplomatic reply, she said that she would take cautious steps and believes that the box office is the ultimate....Hence she’ll make film that will rule the B.O. and also have the content of people’s choice.

On being asked if regional films give more scope to experiment with the subjects; Priyanka smiled and said a film is a film.

When asked if she’s visiting India for holidays or have some work reasons; she said that with many work commitments to finish; she’ visiting with only three days off.

On being asked what is the longest break she took in this year....she answered 3 or 4 days. She said that lives her life like a vacation, enjoys everyday of her work and is very happy and content.

She also said that Hollywood must adopt the song numbers as in Hindi movies for more entertainment.

When asked about marriage and related conversation between Priyanka and her mom; she said that her mother doesn’t talk about marriage as she herself married late and concentrated on her career and education. 

Finally when Priyanka was asked about her reaction to being constantly compared to Deepika Padukone and how just she feel the entire thing; she said very honestly that being in the same business comparisons are way quite natural. But she also mentioned that it’s very demeaning when actresses are always reduced to just fights and catfights and stories make rounds that they are not getting along. To this she said that this is mere competition and which boys also do, but in their context it is termed as a Bromance and for women it’s cat-fighting. She also voiced that they are also professionals and does their job well and their career seriously. And should be respected for that.

Hope you liked the entire discussion!

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