Ranveer Singh's Imitation of Salman Khan On Bigg Boss 10 Becomes A Hit!

Today at CRB Tech Reviews you will read about the performance that Ranveer Singh gonna perform impressions of various Bollywood celebrities in Big Boss 10 including Salman Khan.
Ranveer Singh's and Salman Khan

It would be a great learning moment for Bollywood from Ranveer Singh and Salman Khan on the art of breaking the ice in the most cool way possible. During the making of Bajirao Mastani and even Sultan, though some coldness was felt. But, once again, they have put behind whatever differences they had and we can see them coming together in the Bigg Boss 10 house for Bekfire.

The fun doesn’t end there; but the fact is that the Befikra Singh will be doing impressions on Bigg Boss of Bollywood stars, including that of Salman. Web reports also say that Singh and his co-star Vaani Kapoor, from Aditya Chopra’s next movie, will be entering the house to promote the film as well as spice up the Weekend. Befikre is suppose to get released on December 9, 2016.
Ranveer Singh's Salman Khan On Bigg Boss 10

When we are talking about spicing things up, we saw in the preview that Ranveer will be locked in a room full of Bollywood celeb. effigies and he’ll be doing impressions of them. From Shah Rukh Khan to Sanjay Dutt, a range of celeb effigies are kept in a room and Mr Singh will be mimicking their style and way of talking. For the show, Ranveer actually wore Khan’s Ready movie look with the black ganji, checkered shirt and his trademark bracelet.

The songs of the movie have already become a rage among the crowd. And nothing can defy that the star cast have become one of the hottest onscreen couple this year. So let’s hope to see Vani and Ranveer sizzle in the house of Big Boss 10. To be frank, more than that, are eager to see what Ranveer and Salman have in store for their fans. But some rumours that both Vani and Ranveer are making a distance hope cloud their promotion on the house of Big Boss 10.They are both very professional and speaks a lot about their on screen roles without any words on their off screen relations. So with this level of professionalism, hope to get cheered this weekend.

We conclude now! Stay tuned to this space of CRB Tech Reviews and we’ll bring more hot updates. This is also the place where you get to know about all the Bollywood happenings and ongoing gossips.

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