Bigg Boss 10 winner: A Commoner Manveer Gurjar Outshined Them All

With the surprising end of the dramatic TV reality show Bigg Boss 10, a commoner Manveer Gurhar has been declared the winner. Here in this blog piece by CRB Tech Reviews we bring you the entire update.

Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar

Finally Manveer has outdone Bani J and Lopamudra Raut and has emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss 10

With the end of the suspense Bigg Boss 10 has got its winner. And we can say to you that it’s Manveer Gurjar, who has walked away head held high with the trophy this year.

After a survival inside that house for almost 104 days, Manveer has outshined the other two finalists, Bani J and Lopamudra Raut and has been declared as the winner by the show host Salman Khan. Previously it was reported that how Manu Punjabi called it quits from the competition and walked away with Rs 10 lakhs. All the four finalists were offered the same amount to quit the show before the finale. Manu decided to go for the offer and left the final stage.

And when it was a fight between Lopa, Manveer and Bani; it’s Manveer, who bagged the highest votes in the final counting. Manveer, hailed from Noida and stepped inside the Bigg Boss house representing the common people. He’s someone with anger management issues to a new person who now thinks rationally before reacting to situations, Manveer’s journey in the house is worth talking about. A small town boy is Manveer and has got a taste of fame that no other Bigg Boss contestant ever experienced till now and he is very deserving. Even we can’t forget his physical transformation that has happened on the set. Who could have thought that there was a hottie behind that long beard that Manveer carried initially and now thankfully shaved it off while he was in house?

He not only won the show, but also won a million hearts too. Manveer has valued his friendship with Manu above everything else and it was so evident in the show, too. Manu and Manveer’s bromance was better to watch compared to some random romances that we have witnessed in the previous seasons of Salman Khan’s show.

Manveer also proved being a strong contender in the Herculean tasks. Manu almost broke down looking at his best friend, but kept motivating him while he was performing the task, which happened to be the most difficult one of this season.

Owing to the newly earned fan following that Manveer has become the winner of Bigg Boss 10.

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