Deepika Padukone Kept Her Words And Flew Down With Vin Diesel To India

Today at CRB Tech Reviews we bring you the entire episode of the visit of xXx: Return of Xander Cage star Vin Diesel in India. So Deepika Padukone kept her words and finally managed to bring the Hollywood sensation here. This is for the first time that Vin Diesel actor is visiting India.

Deepika with her co-star Vin diesel

Do watch the video and pics.

Deepika with her co-star Vin Diesel
flew down to Mumbai for the premiere of their upcoming Hollywood film, xXx: Return of Xander Cage. Since morning, people have been waiting to catch a glimpse of them and then they finally arrived holding hands. In fact, Vin did a Facebook Live to document what his first visit to India was like, which of course all watched. The video is super cool and it’s nice to see the actress was seen leading the way for her co-star. Actually, our diva was following the Atithi Devo Bhava campaign very seriously as she escorted her xXx co-star and introduced him to the Indian media.

A shutterbug managed to click a lot of pics at the airport and from those as well as the video; you can see how good Deepika is as a host.

Before stepping out of the airport, the 50 year old actor took to his Facebook page to let his fans know that he has landed and will soon be facing the Indian crowd. The Live obviously had Deepika who seemed super excited to have brought Vin down to India. Post that, the duo made way to exit the airport and we noticed how DP was holding Vin’s hand and leading the way. Their film’s director DJ Caruso also made his present. The FB Live video is available in various social media platforms and you must check out on them.

To mention, Vin behaved the same way with her during the promotions in west. DP has also been traveling with her cast and crew to promote the movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage and attended premieres of the same. During their tours, Vin has been a total sweetheart to her. He escorted her and made her feel at home. Whether it was the Mexico premiere where the cast celebrated her birthday or the London premiere, the 50 year old was very hospitable as well. In fact they have switched roles; as our Mastani has flown him down to Mumbai.

The film is scheduled to release on January 14, this year.

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