Feeling Sick? These Foods Are A Strict No No For You!

CRB Tech reviews is going to focus on some sick time foods, in this blog. 

Feeling Sick? These Foods Are A Strict No No For You!

Even if you are sick due to any disease, it does not stop you from not feeling hungry. May be the hunger will die down a bit, but it is there for sure. At such times, can you indulge into any type of food?

Well, the answer is no! One should be aware as to what to eat during sickness. E.g. best foods to eat when you have a cold or what to eat when sick and throwing up etc.

Here is a list of foods that one needs to avoid when sick.

Guess what?

They might prove to be more harmful to you. That's the reason why.

Acidic and spicy foods: 

While zesty food items may be the foods to eat when sick with cold and flu , they can likewise be harsh on the stomach. Same goes for citrus kind of fruits—it might be useful for cold like indications, yet fruits like grapefruit, oranges, and lemons can likewise bother your stomach lining and cause more agony and distress. Avoid both in case you're encountering a stomach upset. So then, the question is, what foods to eat when sick with stomach virus? We will see them some other time. Just remember that the above mentioned are a strict no no.

Dairy foods: 

The jury's still out on this one, however many individuals trust that devouring in dairy can advance body fluid generation in the form of mucus etc, which could compound congestion when you are sick. Nonetheless, present time research demonstrates this may really be because of a misleading impact. In any case, paying little mind to regardless of whether milk changes how much mucus we really produce, drinking it can make the feeling of thicker mucus, so if that pesters you, it can't hurt to dodge milk while you are sick.


Liquor debilitates your immunity and leads to water loss in the body. Both of these can make your colds more hopeless and abandon you with a surprisingly more terrible morning. Grandmother's hot hard stuff may clear things up for a brief time-frame, yet relax and don't try too hard. On the off chance that you acquire a cold, avoid most kinds liquor to keep your body ideally hydrated and your immune system working on a high. Definitely not the answer to what to eat when vomiting.

Juice drinks: 

On the off chance that you love drinking juices and make your own 100% juices—definitely, drink them! However, in the event that you go after your regular squeezed orange when you get a cold, you'd be in an ideal situation without it. Normal juices are stacked with additional sugar and that sugar can decrease the capacity of white blood cells to battle sickness. Any advantages you may get from the vitamin C are invalidated by the sugar present in it. 

What ought to likewise be called attention to from keeping away from juices is: dodge away the sugar.

Fast and processed food items: 

Astound, astonish – it ought to be most evident to avoid fast food and processed foods during time of sickness. Fast food and majority processed foods are bereft of nutrition; that is, they convey barely anything to the table as far as boosting the immunity or boosting your wellbeing is concerned. Not just are quite a bit of these nourishments produced using genetically altered sustenances, yet they additionally contain a huge number of immune smothering fixings, e.g. high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, MSG, man-made colours, FD&C Red #40, dimethylpolysiloxane, and substantially more. Also, notwithstanding some reckless hospitals serving up McDonald's to their sick patients, that doesn't mean these nourishments are any more important.

CRB Tech reviews would recommend that you stay away from these foodstuffs to recover faster from illness. On what to eat while sick, you can search foods to eat when nauseous,foods to eat when you have a fever etc. 

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