Have An Empty Stomach? Here Are The Haves and Don't Haves!

If you think that eating anything on an empty stomach would do, then you are wrong. There is a science behind this too! Right from empty stomach drinking water to whether eating fruits in empty stomach is good or bad ?
Have An Empty Stomach? Here Are The Haves and Don't Haves!

Guess what?

CRB Tech reviews is going to share with you a few ideas on what to eat and what not to eat on an empty stomach. So, the next time you are in such a situation, you will exactly know as to what to do.

Let's begin with what not to eat:


Expel every one of those eat-chocolate-in-the-morning hypotheses. Eating sugar first thing in the morning shoots insulin levels, which increase the pressure on the pancreas when you have quite recently woken up. This practice can lead to diabetes as well. So, a strict no no!


Eating banana on an empty stomach? Not advised as bananas prompt to a sharp increase in magnesium content in the blood and can be destructive for the heart.

Fermented foods and yogurt: 

Yogurt on an unfilled stomach prompts to a rise in the levels of hydrochloric acid amounts, which destroys lactic acid producing bacteria. Subsequently, the supplements are not consumed by the body.

Salads and green vegetables: 

You may think these veggies will do you a lot of good, yet on an empty stomach they cause gas creation, stomach agony and heartburn. 

Carbonated drinks: 

You may surmise that the caffeine content in the coke will keep you charged for the day ahead, however it really devastates mucous layers, diminishes blood supply to the stomach and reduces the rate of assimilation and digestion.

If you think that empty stomach to lose weight policy will work wonders for you, then it is not right. It will in all probability cause more harm. Now, we will shift our attention towards what we can have on an empty stomach.

What to eat:


The soluble fiber present in it, brings down cholesterol levels. Delving into a bowl of oats in the morning shields the lining of your stomach from hydrochloric acid, as the oats forms a defensive layer on the lining of the stomach.

Wheat germ: 

Wheat germ is a supernatural worker. Just 2 tablespoons of this renews your body with 15% of the suggested intake of vitamin E and with 10% of required folic acid. It additionally helps the digestive system. It's important that you eat right on an empty stomach; because, eating the wrong things might lead to an eating on an empty stomach nausea.


Nectar helps to get rid of the morning languor and increases energy levels, keeping you charged throughout the day. It assists in brains activity and keeps you upbeat because of increased levels of seratonin.


Delve into some delectable watermelon to keep your body hydrated with fluid. Its large amounts of lycopene that helps the eyes and the heart.


Eggs are yummy and filling, keeping you full for more duration. This eliminates those nibble breaks and decreases intake of calories.

Cornmeal porridge: 

Not only does cornmeal porridge keep you full, it purges the body of toxins and heavy metals and supports gainful intestinal bacteria.

Thus, we saw a few recommended and a few non recommended foods for an empty stomach. What to eat on an empty stomach after vomiting, is another zone and you can search on it on the web. Also, there is a debate over eating papaya on an empty stomach, so, you can research more on it.

CRB Tech reviews wishes you happy eating and a healthy life!

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