How Ajay Devgn Reacted To Karan Johar’s Statements against Kajol?

Things are getting really ugly! First friendship of 25 years finished and now the row is being carried forward. Here at CRB Tech Reviews we bring you the entire story, keep reading. 
Ajay Devgn Reacted To Karan Johar’s Statements

It is really very unfortunate that Karan Johar and Kajol have tragically ended their 25 years of friendship. What’s even worse is the fact that a very honest Karan decided to rant about this fallout in his book, An Unsuitable Boy. An excerpt of which reads that things were said, crazy accusations were made against Karan, that he bribed someone to sabotage her husband’s film. Karan penned that he can’t even say that he was hurt or pained by it. He just wanted to skip it out. When kajol reacted to the entire situation and took to tweeter saying, ‘Shocked’ that’s when karan knew it was completely over for him. Karan also said that he won’t give a piece of himself to Kajol at all because she killed every bit of emotion he had for her sine the last twenty-five years. Karan said that she doesn’t deserve him. Karan said that he feels nothing for her; he couldn’t believe how things grew so sour between them.

It was then that Ajay Devgan and Kajol put allegations against Karan Johar for bribing and making efforts to create problems for Shivaay.

In fact, another para from Karan’s book even depicts the way Karan lashed out at Ajay as it says; he doesn’t want to speak about her husband because that’s not important to his life anymore. He doesn’t matter to him as he never did. Karan also said that he doesn’t want to say anything about her husband as he wanted to respect the piece of history she and Karan shared.

Now Ajay didn’t pick on Karan directly but his latest tweet definitely indicates that he’s read Karan’s excerpts and is pretty much offended by Karan’s statements. Ajay took to Twitter and wrote, that he requests to stop printing old interviews. He said that answers are time influenced and now this could either be for the press or for Karan as he’s referred to the KRK scandal that happened during Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Vs Shivaay clash. Or it could be that Ajay is trying to say he didn’t mean everything that he felt or said about Karan Johar in that phase of time.

Last time we heard Ajay talking about Karan was in the year 2016 when he said that they have their own issues and that’s completely personal, and nothing to do with profession. Ajay also said that those are personal issues and he doesn’t wanna talk about it.

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