Note Ban Effect: Couple Caught Getting Intimate In Cashless ATM !

CRB Tech Reviews bring you this blog about how hyper -functional hormones overtakes the five senses.

Nowadays we come across news about couples making out either on the rooftop or in cyberspace. But this video was captured by a CCTV camera inside an ATM.

There has been news with video footage of lovers getting intimate and having sex inside Delhi Metro train. But what about this? Here it is seen that a couple who came to the ATM to find cash at an ATM, started enjoying their private moments. Being caught on CCTV footage, it has become clear how these insane people make use of ATM centers and cabins to go nasty.

This video footage is real and released by the police to make the society and youth of this age to be cautious and discourage them from displaying this type of conduct. 

Surprisingly, this is not an isolated occurrence there are reports how students use ATMs near to their college to quench their lust and no effort has been taken to stop this menace. 

The ATM fitted with ACs need a black sheet on the entryway glass to maintain a low temperature inside the cabin. But what about the youngsters who take advantage of the system to enjoy their privacy in public places. They are so much shameless that even a video camera fitted inside an ATM center doesn’t bother them.

It is known from sources that even the ATM guards charge money to encourage these lustful couples to make way with their moments. The ATM guards do this by placing a board outside the ATM saying – ATM OUT OF ORDER. Interestingly the guard sits outside, keeps a vigil and couples take advantage from these public places. 

To mention, it is a very shocking trend and a misuse of public property.

Do you remember the MMS clips, about the couple romancing in the Delhi Metro? While couples enjoy PDA remain unknowingly ignorant about their private moments being displayed on social networking sites and online channels, and the irony is that there is so little to control such lustful acts and posting of videos to make them viral.

Love is not sin but making love like animals her and there, does it suits the civilized humans?

Watch the video and let us know if the two lovebirds are portraying the beautiful aspect of love or the depicting their lustful minds.

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