Priyanka Chopra Witty Talk On Quantico Accident

Recently at the People's Choice Awards, our favourite Priyanka Chopra shared with the audience a scary accident that occurred during Quantico movie set...And here at CRB Tech Reviews we bring you the entire story.
Priyanka Chopra Witty Talk On Quantico Accident

Priyanka Chopra Accident news has been doing rounds very recently. Priyanka Chopra suffered a concussion last week after she met with an accident on the sets of Quantico. The actress was imediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where she underwent a few instant scans before she was advised complete rest. But thw workaholic B-town beauty came back on the sets of the popular Monday show on January 16 and last night, she also attended the People’s Choice Awards. And after she sizzled on the red carpet and picked the Favourite Dramatic TV actress award, the actress for the first time faced the media after that scary accident. So everyone there was eager to know what exactly happened on the sets that caused her injury.

It appeared like Priyanka was having a bombardment of questions by many journalists and while talking to Entertainment Tonight (ET) channel, Priyanka revealed that she doing stunts and it was somewhat raining or snowing, in New York. She said that she was wearing rubber boots and she did so many stunts, but she never got hurt. But she slipped on the road, while saving someone else, my co-actor and she hit her head on the bumper of the car and the road. She said that she was taken to the Emergency Room and they did a CAT scan. They said it was a concussion. So PC had to take 3 days off from work and had to sit on a chair and literally spent time listening to audio books.

The journalist also asked her about taking a risk by wearing heels, even though she was recently only from the hospital a few days back. Priyanka laughed and replied with a quextion; how could a girl go to a red carpet without heels. She said her doctor mustn’t know or the doc will give a call to enquire her health. Jokingly she said that let the doc know that she was in sneakers and when he looks at the pictures, she’ll say that she forgot because of the concussion. She continued to say that she got hurt on her head, hence supposed to forget things; thus forgot the instructions.

With all wit and humour Priyanka graced the occasion. Hope you liked this.

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