Salman Miffed With Bigg Boss 10 Show Runners For Disrespecting Him

As per reports, Salman Khan is miffed with the makers of Bigg Boss and, it’s not because of contestants like Swami Om or Priyanka Jagga. The superstar apparently lost his cool over the home cooked food he brought for the inmates of the house. Yes! That’s the big matter and here at CRB Tech Reviews we detail you the things occurred.


It was reported that Salman who brings home cooked food for the contestants during the weekend episodes, came to know that the same wasn’t passed across to the inmates on that day.

Salman shoots for the weekend episodes on the same day. After a break, when he came back to shoot the next episode, he asked the contestants about the food he had sent. It was then Salman learnt that the contestants hadn’t got the food, and Salman became angry.

The 10th season of Bigg Boss witnessed Salman’s wrath the most! With just a few episodes left for the grand finale, we hope that everything remains peaceful.

Salman Khan really loves Bigg Boss. He sincerely cares about the contestants inside the house, and all people who are close to the actor know that. He is much attached to the show, very much like a kid loves his favourite toy. But what the show runners have done to Salman, did really upset him. And we totally side with Sallu on this one.

Salman Khan slammed the makers for disrespecting him, and not sending his food inside the house. That is really disrespectful of the makers of Bigg Boss 10 and we totally understand the reason of Salman’s anger.

Bigg Boss season 10 has somehow failed to take care of the contestants. What else to expect? If Bigg Boss 10 show runners can’t protect the housemates from abusive inmates, food is a very small issue. And now if someone like Rohan Mehra wants to quit the show for not being taken care of properly, they are indirectly asked to stay in the house with a reminder that they would have to pay huge caution money if they left the house.

Salman is known for treating the cast and crew of films and here the picture is same. He tried to treat the contestants on homemade delicacies. No wonder Salman was disheartened to see the show runners’ wrong behaviour towards his request.

There have been no evictions last week, as Om Swami was thrown out of the house mid week due to his bad behavior. Let’s see who gets evicted from the house next.

We conclude this now.

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