Shraddha Kapoor Opens Up About Rumors With Farhan Akhtar

In this blog piece by CRB Tech Reviews we tell you how Shraddha Kapoor handled the matter with it. Recently there were rumours about Shraddha Kapoor and her live in relationship with co-star Farhan Akhtar and now Shraddha has opened up on that status.

Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar relationship
There has been news about Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar relationship. It was also reported that Shraddha Kapoor’s father dragged her out of Farhan Akhtar’s home. There were also reports that her father and aunt Padmini Kolhapure are not happy about the affair. This rumour has really did upset Shraddha Kapoor family.

Well the rumour was refuted by Shakti Kapoor when BollywoodLife called him up to ask about the entire matter. He called the entire incident rubbish and crap. Finally Shraddha Kapoor in an interview to a leading tabloid has refuted all the claims of her dating Farhan Akhtar.

When she was asked about her link up with Farhan Akhtar and her moving in with him, she said that she received a message from someone telling her about that article. Initially she took it lightly but what she disliked is her family in being dragged in such gossips. Being sensible, she said that actors are also human and such baseless gossips might affect their lives. So people must be more mature and sensible to spread baseless things.

She also spoke about her link up with Aditya. She said that actors are usually linked all the time. But what is inappropriate is dragging the family members. That’s extreme inhumanity! She confessed in being in a “living in” relationship and that with her parents. The home she was born and brought up and said that a joke runs in her family that she will bring her husband home (added with a laugh). The reason she cited is that she’s very happy living with her family. She added that she has a house of her own where she has her meetings and keep her extra stuff. Hence she has no intention of moving out of her parents’ home and moving into her own apartment.

In general speaking about live-in relationships, she said that she believes in “live and let live” concept. If it suits somebody and someone is happy, then it’s totally fine , why to judge people!

Shraddha Kapoor is often talked about by her fans for being too much of being goody-goody. But the actress made headlines after her alleged affair with Fahran Akhtar. The OK Jaanu star remained silent about the matter, even when rumours of dad Shakti forcing her out of Farhan are flat surfaced. But when, she finally decided to address the rumours; her answer is full of all wit.

That’s done with it!

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