Alden and Maine's First Ever TV Series To Premier This 27th !

CRB Tech reviews has a good news for all the Alden and Maine fans after a long time. Guess what?

Their upcoming TV series by the name 'Destined to Be Yours', is all set for a release this month. A treat for the fans of the couple. 

Alden and Maine's First Ever TV Series To Premier This 27th !

The first ever primetime TV series featuring Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will at last debut worldwide on February 27. In a live chat with Iya Villania on "24 Oras," the marvelous love team gave insights about the parts they will play in the series.

Radio DJ ako at simple lady, is what Maine had to say of her character Sinag, adding that the part isn't that different as her real time "kalog" identity. Similar din sa personal, is what she added.

On the other side, Alden will demonstrate his more genuine side in the part of Benjie.

A battling archiect who lives with his mother, is what Alden described, including that his character bears the weight of the dreams and ambitions of his father, who was likewise in the architecture field. 

He wished that he be the best architect, is what he added while describing his role in the TV series. 

At the point when asked what their response is to the awaited launch of the show, the two gave their own particular takes. 

"I'm excited. I am excited to see what we did Alden's," this is what Maine had to say.

"I'm happy," Alden added. "Because for the longest time we waited."

Since their astronomic ascent as a standout amongst the most famous love teams in nearby tinsel town, fans have been clamoring to see their favorite stars in a customary show other than the Eat Bulaga segment "Kalyeserye." There were even jokes that The Baes were given their own particular show first while AlDub's debut in a TV series is still on hold.

At first titled Hiling, Destined To Be Yours spins around the narrative of a rich architect engineer (Alden) working on an under development project in a specific area. Then again, Maine's character is a barrio young lady and an environment lover who revitalizes against the development project. All the while, the two characters that began as foes all of a sudden discover their way in each other's arms.

Alden and Maine as of late featured in the blockbuster hit film "Imagine You and Me." Fans have been expecting a TV series highlighting the loveteam a year after their Kalyeserye outing turned into a marvel, resulting into various endorsements, magazine covers, and even universal TV features.

CRB Tech reviews would recommend you to reserve your slot to watch your favorite stars in their first ever TV series.

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