Do You Know Kohli Delete This Candid Pic of Anushka From His Twitter Timeline

Do you that Virat Kohli had shared a candid moment with Anushka Sharma but very soon deleted the tweet. You can check it out here. In CRB Tech Reviews we bring you with all sports related updates and gossips.

Do You Know Kohli Delete This Candid Pic of Anushka From His Twitter Timeline

It was so adorable when Virat Kohli shared a cute Valentine’s Day tweet for bae Anushka but he took it down just a few minutes after! This little unexpected and awkward since the post is missing from his Twitter but is there on his Insta handle. Surprising isn’t?

The ace cricketer shared an adorable pic with girlfriend Anushka and even gave it a catchy caption. In his post, he said that every day is a Valentine day if you want it to be. You make every day seem like one for me; Damn, can you be my belated Valentine, Virat! Such a lovely message!

Do You Know Kohli Delete This Candid Pic of Anushka From His Twitter Timeline

It was a real candid click that the couple clicked during one of their dates, which he took to sharing on social media. But only, a few minutes later after he tweeted as well as Insta post, he took down the tweet. He deleted the tweet but kept the Insta posts prevail. Reality is that, once on the internet, always on the internet. As a leading tabloid managed to get hold of this tweet right before it was deleted. You should know that the post is very much prevalent on the social photo sharing app. 

Their much talked about affair is growing stronger by the days. This is the first time that Virat has shown such a mushy side of him. We’ve seen those outdoors making appearances but none so personal and loving. This moment surely makes its mark in history as it’s the first time he has shared his feelings openly for Anushka. But, the diva didn’t respond to the image yet. Perhaps Phillauri promotions kept her busy! Anyways, you people can check out the post here. 

They don’t go out of their ways to express feelings between them and also don’t engage in much public PDAs. They only plan their vacations and keep to themselves. And so whenever they make some cute revelations about each other or are spotted together, it’s a real news.

Anushka and Virat’s relationship has seen its ups and downs last year but they’ve definitely made their relationship more public. There were also rumours that the duo was engaged and all set to marry later in 2017, both of them denied all such claims.

With both, Virat and Anushka at the peak of their career, they are perhaps focussing on their professional future. While the curiosity about their wed lock plans will keep their fans engaged, till then, let’s adore the pic that was shared by the cricketer and await Anushka’s reply.

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