Healthy Valentines Day Ideas For Fitness Freaks!

Today happens to be the Valentines' day. CRB Tech reviews wishes you a happy Valentines day !!! It is the day to express love to your near and dear ones. Be it your spouse, family or friends. Celebrations generally involve partying out, gorging on those unhealthy stuff, exchanging gifts etc. That's the trend these days.

Healthy Valentines Day Ideas For Fitness Freaks

What's the bottom line?

Valentines day celebrations can become unhealthy at times, and can cause those weighty issues as well. Especially, for those fitness freaks. But now, they need not worry at all...

We are going to share with you, some last minute ideas for a healthy Valentines day. That means, both celebrations and health, hand in hand. What more do you want.



Spinning around the dance floor with a hot date in your arm may very well be the most great night out, ever. What's more, it's a decent approach to get some cardio and aerobic activity, excessively ! (Simply forego the high heels, please.) Feeling gutsy? Attempt pole dancing for a sexier feel.

Massage treat: 

Regardless of whether it's a rub down from an expert or your valentine,a massage conveys a flock of health benefits to the table. Study shows, massage can help lessen stress and tension (particularly in the work environment, in patients facing heart issues, and potentially in those with incessant back pain), however, more research is required . Furthermore, obviously, massages are additionally an extraordinary reason to get a few hands-on time (truly!) with your Valentine.


Trust or not, there's a lot of science behind why we kiss. Notwithstanding activating sentiments of closeness, sexual energy, and unadulterated satisfaction, research recommends kissing can help us discover Mr. and Mrs. Right and remain focused on that individual. At the point when occupied with a lip lock, serotonin and oxytocin hormone levels spike, making us ponder that accomplice and making sentiments of holding and attachment. (As anyone might expect, oxytocin is called the "love hormone.") Plus, kissing can support immunity, help you unwind, and even smolder calories.

Prepare your own dark chocolate: 

Healthy Valentines Day Ideas For Fitness Freaks!

Its a well known fact we're enormous fanatics of dark chocolate. In any case, when you begin dunking fresh fruit in that chocolate? Stunningly better. Jump on the DIY prepare and make a simple chocolate fondue dip to appreciate while cuddling with your V-day date. This is additionally absolutely satisfactory to do whatever other night, alone, or with friends. (Extra points on the off chance that you utilize fair trade chocolate!)

Volunteer together: 

Besides giving others some Valentine cheer, volunteering has some happiness and health benefits, as well! One research has found that the individuals who develop cherished relationship through volunteering had a reduced danger of mortality. Another research has put forth that it might lessen nervousness and depression . Make a beeline for a soup kitchen so you can both help other people celebrate V-Day with a merry supper.

Opt for a personal chef: 

This doesn't have to be a grand affair, no need to worry. In case you're in NYC, Boston, or Berlin, check out Kitchen Surfing, where a wide assortment of culinary specialists present their cooking abilities to make the ideal meal for you, in your own kitchen.

Try your hand at golf or tennis: 

Regardless of whether you and your valentine are as of now masters or it's absolutely new to either of you, taking a golf or tennis lesson is an awesome approach to sweat a little and try something new together. (Additionally, it's an extraordinary reason to draw near to each other while taking in the "correct stance.") Playing tennis, particularly, is related with various health benefits, including enhanced aerobic fitness, lesser risk for developing cardiovascular disease, and better bone health.

Hope these ideas work for you and your valentine. A joyful and healthy Valentines day to all of you from CRB Tech reviews.

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