Jolly LLB 2 Review: A Well paced Movie With Ignored Theme

Akshay Kumar starrer Jolly LLB 2 is out! A sequel to Arshad Warsi’s Jolly LLB, is also comedic in temperament but gets serious when situations demand. You remember Lolly LLB 2 trailer, the movie has it all. Read CRB Tech Reviews complete movie review here.

Jolly LLB 2 Review: A Well paced Movie With Ignored Theme

To say there is a real world outside Bollywood courtrooms where a commoner can’t differentiate between a corrupt judicial system and a fraud police administration. Added with a few bullets and some dark humour we got in Jolly LLB 2 full movie.

Troubled with such hierarchical corruption, a lawyer is awakened by his conscience and decides to take on this nexus of judiciary, police and criminals. 

Well the question is that is he right in expecting anything out of this system; a dark past there are also apprehensions about his wisdom and judicial knowledge.

Kanpur’s Jagdishwar Mishra or Jolly enacted by Akshay Kumar; practices in Lucknow HC and wants to own a chamber. His father was a stenographer for a top lawyer, and that makes Jolly him a natural successor. Or that is the way he gets treatment at work. 

Time hardened Pramod Mathur (Annu Kapoor), Jolly’s arch rival and a prolific lawyer in the city. He isn’t afraid of anything, even fighting the judge; an interesting departure from reality where nobody dares to insult justice Tripathi at Delhi HC.

Jolly could have avoided falling prey to such a corrupt system, but he has taken the onus of earning justice in a fake encounter case in which inspector Suryaveer Singh is the prime accused.

Large fragment of the movies tells the viewer of those legal satire shows where the judicial system looks like a big, dark joke. Mostly the joke is on Jolly, and sometimes on the public. We also know that there’s no way to escape the wrath of overworked judges and a broken system. 

The movie also appears confusing between a satire and a thriller. The most effective scenes are cut short to pave way to the action scenes. This way the pace is maintained, but the theme got ignored.

It’s only in the second half that Jolly LLB 2 gains back the prolonged courtroom battle and gives its stars a chance to rise and shine.

The movie works perfectly in the focus on real issues like terrorism, corruption and under-pressure judges. Kapoor tackled these issues with a great control.Kudos to his understanding of court procedures, his characters look human and vulnerable unlike typical B-town films where the protagonist enacts the role of a victim and also the judge.

Finally to conclude; Akshay ensures that you keep laughing at intervals. He will remind you about Warsi, but also adds his touch to Jolly. If you can sideline some of the minor flaws then you have a good and solid entertainer on your hands. The casting of Huma Qureshi was also really good.

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