Now Watch TV, Yet Stay Fit!

CRB Tech reviews has now and again stated the importance of exercising through its blogs. It is important to stay fit for a healthy and fit life. Some follow it while others do not. After all, it needs efforts and dedication to make exercising a habit in our lifestyle.

Now Watch TV, Yet Stay Fit!

Guess what?

In todays times when we spend quite a lot of time in front of our TV screens; it is still possible for us to stay active as we continue to watch the television! Yes, that's true! Want to know how? Read further, and you will get an exact idea.

Here are five steps to burn those extra calories and even get more stronger while you catch up on your favorite TV shows:

Exercise ball: 

Make use of a stability or an exercise ball for sitting. These enhances balance and works on your core. Ensure you sit up straight and tall, with shoulders in back position, chest held high, and your stomach tight. You will draw in a huge amount of your stabilizer muscles to thin your core and shed a lot of calories. Raise the level by adding weights or resistance works out.

Built in TV: 

Ride a bicycle, walk, or jog with a built in TV. This one requires more cash as you need the gear or access to an exercise center equipped with the necessary hardware, however, you get the most out of your TV watching along these lines. By keeping your legs engaged, you burn more calories than any time in recent memory, and you get that cardio help you require.

Dumbbells or resistance bands: 

Get the dumbbells or resistance bands. You can do this on your sofa minus the exercise ball. There are a great deal of upper body workouts you can do. Kick it up a couple of notches by getting up on your feet amid the ads to do additional squats, burpees, thrusts, or jumping jacks.

Burst of exercises: 

Do a burst of activities as quick as you can for brief intervals! This taps into the advantages of HIIT while getting a charge out of being a couch potato. You burn more calories than ever. Exploit the advertisements duration, do squat jumps, lunges, mountain climbers, burpees, or even a sprint. Make it extreme! This is Tim's top choice.


Practice deep and intense breathing. Reduce the stress, bring down the blood pressure, and feel better without doing significantly more over being aware of your breathing. Breathe in profoundly, hold it for a few moments, and after that let it out gradually. It doesn't get substantially simpler! Appreciate feeling more grounded and better!

Avoid having meals: 

Try not to eat suppers sitting before the TV. While it's anything but difficult to spend your nighttimes vegging out before the TV, enjoy a reprieve from the screen time when you're having dinner for more healthy dietary patterns and more healthier relationships with your house mates.

Cut out on the number of hours: 

Reduce the hours you watch TV. Much the same as with basically everything in life, balance is vital. In the event that the TV's on just to be "on," and you're not watching anything extraordinary, turn it off, or make a timetable for yourself so that the couch time is restricted.

Home gym: 

Bring the gym home. From a hotshot investment piece like an elliptical machine, to something small like a versatile Stairmaster, at-home cardio equipment gives you a chance to consume calories while you get on with your most loved shows.

CRB Tech reviews would recommend that you take a shot at this, and see the benefits.

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