OMG! Is It That Farah Khan Insulted Bollywood Awards

Have you seen this tweet Farah Khan on Oscars 2017? It’s shocking and revealing too. She has really exposed Bollywood awards!
OMG! Is It That Farah Khan Insulted Bollywood Awards

Farah Khan made a very catty comment about Bollywood awards on Twitter as a reaction to the Oscar Best Picture mix-up.

Everyone is talking about Oscars 2017. Bollywood celebs were up early to catch the Hollywood’s biggest award ceremony live. Farah Khan like one of us, awake at 5 am to watch the Academy Awards 2017, and when Warren Beatty by mitake announced La La Land as the Best Picture award winner instead of Moonlight people went mad on social media. Bollywood too started talking about the big goof up in the Oscars 2017 ceremony.

Bollywood celebrities like Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar, Preity Zinta all took to Twitter to share their reaction on the big blooper on Oscar stage. While some found it funny there were others like veteran actress Shabana Azmi who lauded the team for taking the corrective measures. Farah Khan too was one of the Bollywood big names to tweet about this faux pas, but guess what she went a little ahead…Yes!

Farah Khan ended up calling out Bollywood awards. She taunted Hindi film awards ceremony and unveiled some truths that are not discussed here in the open. Farah’s comment might soon go viral, because she has just exposed the Bollywood awards that were till date questionable. Here’s what Farah did tweet…

Farah on seeing the Oscar Best Picture mix-up revealed how Bollywood stars that make their time to attend the awards are often given out the trophies, clearing hinting that most of the time the big Bollywood awards are rigged and not merit based. She also went ahead and made a very cheeky comment about the seating arrangements.

Well, it is sure that Farah’s intention was not really to give away the inside secret, but it appears like unknowingly and unintentionally; being emotion driven something she was bothered but kept suppressed has now made way out. She has never spilled out some much-guarded secrets of the industry. But then readers, you know Farah Khan is popular to speak her mind, pretty well. 

WE conclude now. What do you have to say? Are you speechless? Well we reacted the same way. It was so shocking. What do you say? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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