Shahid Will Never Work With Kangana after Rangoon

Rangoon is supposed to release today but the news of cold war between Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut is making rounds. Its reported that Shahid Kapoor will never work with Kangana again! To know why, keep reading.

Shahid Kapoor will never work with Kangana

Many times Shahid Kapoor clarified that everything is well between him and his Rangoon co-star Kangana Ranaut but contrasting reports from the sources kept coming up. A very recent piece of information about Kangana and Shahid’s off-screen rapport says a lot! DNA After Hrs reported that according to their source, Shahid has decided to never sign a movie with Kangana, ever again. Yes, it’s the first and last for him.

Wanna know the reason? It appears the same old rumours that have fire again. The source told to a leading entertainment daily, that they had constant differences of opinion during the entire shoot. Things became so sour that they were barely talking to each other. In fact, Shahid has decided that he will never work with Kangana ever again. Now, that’s quite harsh. A leading actor, who never worked with the diva, took an opportunity to say that at this rate, Kangana will have to do double-role movies where she enacts the role of both the hero heroine.

Their constant take at each other have left little quash rumours of cold war. Ever since the film promotions began, they have seen working separately and saying fiery words against each other. When Kangana called working with Shahid nightmarish, the actor also gave it back by saying his co-star has vivid imaginations. This made the actress taking yet another dig at him by saying it’s a copyrighted dialogue that belongs only to Hrithik Roshan. It seems they are not in mood of calming down.

Very recently, to finish up all the negative words about the rapport they share, Shahid stated that he would not like to play a table tennis match on the entire episode by answering to each of Kangana’s comments. He wants to end this match. Kangana must move ahead with all her co-stars in an amicable manner and work with a team spirit.

This definitely shows what kind of an equation the duo has and while their constant digs against each other has taken over the limelight. Saif Ali Khan maintained a safe distance. You can see, Kangana and Saif share a good rapport. Perhaps he is keeping silent in this situation and is cordial with both of them and is not taking any sides.

What we wonder how Kangana would respond to the latest statement that Shahid has made on his co-star. Since she is quite critical that way. We are eager to know her reaction to this source’s quote which claims that Sasha doesn’t want to act with her, ever again.

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