The Ghazi Attack: A War Film With Real Touch Is A Must Watch

Today CRB Tech Reviews write about a movie that really shines with exemplary performances by its amazing casts. To know more, keep reading. If you are eager to watch an inspiring story into which great effort has been put to make it appear real; The Ghazi Attack is definitely for you. To mention, there's Kay Kay Menon. The Ghazi Attack trailer gave the right insight about this power pack movie.

The Ghazi Attack: A War Film With Real Touch Is A Must Watch

When someone tries to tell you a story you haven’t heard before, it gets your instant attention. The Ghazi Attack stars Rana Daggubati, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Taapsee Pannu is one such film. Starting from the posters to its trailer, the movie intrigued every mind, as this was not only an unknown tale but also the first submarine based war film. So did The Ghazi Attack live up to our expectations? 

What’s it’s about

The Ghazi Attack is a real story based on the series of events that took place only before 1971 Indo-Pak war. PNS Ghazi set out to destroy the one and only Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. It was then S-21, another submarine was sent out to stop the ugly Ghazi attack. It was a classified and secret mission that no one knew. While Indian Navy claimed to have got destroyed to PNS Ghazi, Pakistan Navy believes the PNS Ghazi exploded as it came over its own landmines. Yet, the truth remains hidden.

What’s hot!

The cinematography beautifully will transport you to that period of time when this great mission took place. You will get the feel that you are inside the S-21 submarine and fighting the war yourself. The director convinces so well of the magnitude of the story, makes you feel its impact just like PNS Ghazi felt it when S21 launched a torpedo at it.

The director paid special attention to the minute details, like the knobs on the engine, documents, the surge of waves when a torpedo is launched, pipe bursts when one part of the submarine gets hit by a landmine. The scene where S21 gets hit by the land mine will actually make you reach out to the screen, it’s so real, and you wish to stop it yourself. The attack and the counter attack are so fast paced and gripping that the movie will leave you spellbound.

Sankalp tells the story and do not beat around the bush. The little additions that have been made it appear like a film, less a documentary, added to the storyline and didn’t seem forced. Coming to the characters, Kay Kay Menon’s role was very interesting. Beneath all that bravado, there was a broken father who could never forget his son’s death. His character was initially layered, but each layer was cleared as the movie progressed. Rana Daggubati’s character caught the attention in the second half, displaying his bravery at the right time. Atul Kulkarni was prefect in his part, calm when he had to be, aggressive when required. 

Besides the story and the characters who keep us engaged, you can’t help but feel wistful on watching late actor Om Puri on screen. 

All in all, it was a story well filmed with breathtaking visuals. 

What’s Not

Right from the lead casts to even the submarine engine drivers, everyone had a role to play except Taapsee Pannu. Her character was a complete waste, found out of nowhere and happened to be a doctor. She might have just four dialogues. The story could have been the same with or without her. While Rana’s persona was great, but his voice was a major turn off. 

What next?

If you want to watch an inspiring movie in which great efforts were put to make it appear real, the movie on ghazi attack history is definitely a must watch. 

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