First Look Of Haseena Is Unveiled: Shraddha Stuns In Badass Avatar

Now Shraddha Kapoor is again in news with her badass avatar from Haseena and that will definitely stun you. CRB Tech Reviews take to a journey of the related updates till date.

First Look Of Haseena Is Unveiled: Shraddha Stuns In Badass Avatar

Shraddha Kapoor plays the role of a girl next door and has managed to pull off an intriguing look in her upcoming film, Haseena.

Shraddha Kapoor with a girl next door image has managed to pull off an intriguing look in her next venture Haseena. Shraddha’s new avatar from the film is out and folk this is something that we have never seen her do before! This is nowhere close to all that happy go lucky characters she has played earlier. She looks way too different and the drastic transformation that she has undergone for the movie has left us awestruck. Just look at her new avatar, she looks so stern, serious and steely in her new look. Her entire body language is different and we must admit that we are liking her in this new avatar. From what it looks like, she is sure gonna kill it with this one! What do you say? Also, if you don’t know, that’s Siddhanth Kapoor, Shraddha’s brother in the background. He will be doing his Bollywood debut in Haseena and his character’s name is ‘Bhai’. The actress took to Instagram to share this new look from her upcoming movie.

Shraddha plays Dawood Ibrahim’s sister, Haseena Parkar in her next movie. For those who don’t know, to mention,Haseena was the sister of India’s most wanted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim. Though Parker passed away a couple of years back, she used to be an innate part in keeping his dealings in India going till she was alive.

Titled Haseena – The Queen of Mumbai, the movie spins around how a lady don rose to power and how respected she was when she was alive. It will follow the life of Haseena very closely and a lot of unspoken stories and truths that were hidden from the world will be out of Pandora ’s Box.

The teaser poster of the movie was released last month and it exceeded our expectations. Shraddha looks very much like Haseena in the newly released photo and we all are excited to see her deliver a crackling performance onscreen as the lady don.

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