Is This An End To Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover Episode

Finally Kapil Sharma apologises to Sunil Grover saying sorry paji (bro), and added that Sunil knows how much Sharma loves him. This blog by CRB Tech Reviews brings the inside story.

Is This An End To Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover Episode

It has been a few days after reports of their ugly spat that emerged in every social media ground, TV star Kapil Sharma has apologised to Sunil Grover. Kapil also professed his love for Sunil.

Kapil Sharma might have risen to fame with The Kapil Sharma Show but his recent spat with Sunil Grover has put him in a bad light, raising questions if the comedian-turned-actor is having trouble handling his fame. While many claims that this is not the first time that the two have had a spat, this has put the future of the show in question. With sources saying that Sunil is thinking about leaving the show, the brunt will be borne by the channel, the team and the fans as well.

Sunil has portrayed a variety of characters on the show. People and celebrities, have loved his portrayal of Doctor Mashoor Gulati, Rinku Bhabhi and Gutthi. In fact, the last has become a larger-than-life character. This might result in a drop of TRPs, something that the show is already struggling with. In fact, The Kapil Sharma Show which has been ruling the charts for quite a while came down from the third position to seventh this month.

Each day brings something different in a dirty spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. The latest development is that Sharma has apologised to Grover on Twitter.

On Saturday, the cast of the show was returning from Australia after a performance tour when an altercation between a drunk Sharma and his crew broke out. Sunil Grover, who plays Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi on the show, tried to intervene in the scuffle, but Sharma got physical with him inside the flight. Grover, who stood by Sharma after he did cut ties with Colors channel and moved to Sony with his new show, later apologised to the other passengers on his friend’s behalf.

On Monday, a DNA report claimed that Grover has decided to quit the show after the public spat with Sharma. 

It was stated that Sunil is not coming back on the show. He had already recorded the episodes for the weekend (March 18-19) . But he is won’t be returning to the show. Now it’s too much; if Kapil continues with this attitude many more people will quite the show. DNA quotes a source saying. 

Till this got published, Sunil Grover has not spoken on the issue yet.

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